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By Andy McDandy
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I think it's what Nixon called "the east coast elite". "Clever bastards" to the rest of us. I've mentioned before my theory that at school you can just about get by on bluster and rote learning until you're about 14. Then you have to display some actual talent.

This is revenge of the thick fucks.
By Boiler
There's a wee bit of me wants Corbyn to get into power just to witness the massive, involuntary, simultaneous collective bowel evacuation of every Tory in the land :twisted:

But then I take my meds.
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By Snowflake
Rudd is therefore presumably now no longer on resignation watch. Perhaps the "bamber" unification ticket that was being touted in the media a couple of months ago may be a goer after all.

Good luck with that.
By Big Arnold
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English Democrats leader loses first stage of his bid to prove the Brexit extension was illegal and UK has ALREADY left the EU but he launches an appeal ... ft-EU.html
By Big Arnold
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Brexit crisis: How MPs have missed simple solution to prevent constitutional catastrophe
THE failure to deliver Brexit after the 2016
The CRG believes that the blueprint could be used to resolve this pressing issue, by proposing a federal structure for the continuation of the Union, establishing the principle of self-determination among all four parts.

Talking exclusively to, Lord Salisbury explained: "What this Bill does, it provides that all four parts of the United Kingdom, and England, agree with the centre what powers are going to be exercised by the centre over Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
That would seem to prevent Scotland and N Ireland being taken out of the EU without their consent. If so, it will be too late and won't stop Scotland wanting Independence. It's no solution. Too little and too late. ... tution-spt
By Malcolm Armsteen
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spoonman wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:26 am
youngian wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:21 am
David Lammy posts some fan mail from a Brexit Party supporter.
Probably the same ten year old girl that wrote to Fa**ge a few weeks back.
Are you saying that Lammy wrote that himself?
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