Discussion of other UK political parties
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Thank heavens for the Norn Irish contingent on here. They know exactly what drops when a society is riven with no conceivable middle ground upon which to compromise. The thing is, this time it's worse. There are no teens maturing in to a position where there is no argument as to which and whose aged emblem is better or worse.

This is Brexit. This is the intractable dichotomy. This sets the tone for a decade or more.
Celebrities and legends - Morrissey and Farage up front, Griffin, Batten, Toby Young in midfield... :roll:

They could resurrect Coventry's legendary 'turd suit' if they could field eleven players then find eleven to play against. Big 'if', though - eh, kids?
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Brian Moore - "The Stella bottles will be flying in Leeds tonight..."
Horrible club, horrible fans, horrible town. I don't care how many branches of Harvey Nix they have there, get them to fuck and drop them in the middle of Alabama where they belong.

If one thing this political clusterfuck has taught everyone, it is that tolerating Yorkshire was never a good idea.
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Remember Thatcher's "deny them the oxygen of publicity"?

His supporters have repeated similar claims. He is their martyr-in-the-making - albeit one who lives in a country house with a sunken hot tub.
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