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By The Weeping Angel
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Christ almighty but this Dawn Foster article really is a crock of shite. ... n#comments
Each Sunday, without fail, I attend mass then catch up on the tedious handwringing of Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour party and a lifelong professional wrecker, who has made it his official duty to complain weekly to the Sunday papers, without suggesting any concrete proposals for how to bring the party forward.

Last weekend, he was rending his garments at the fact that former Labour members have released confidential material to the media, despite signing legal agreements not to do so: this is the same Watson who campaigned against hacking victims having emails and other data illegally intercepted. The deputy leader is also calling on members to sign an ill-defined pledge that would change very little in terms of Labour’s position on Brexit.
She does presumably know that Labour campaigned against NDAs at the last election.
By youngian
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:23 pm

Northerners vote leave etc.
Lib Dems have been getting very excited about that result but there's been a few like them in Leave areas and is far from trend setting. It maybe that the coalition is fading and the Lib Dem's can attract back the dustbin vote by promisng to fill potholes instead of playing Punch and Judy like those two useless main parties.
By youngian
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Lib Dem target seats are mainly Tory ... l-democrat

But the low swings needed for Tories to take +50 Labour seats looks worrying if Labour peel off votes to LDs and BXP stands down. Labour better hope Johnson's repelled enough sane Tories to move to the LDs by September ... nservative
By bluebellnutter
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What would be really awkward in that scenario would be if, say, Corbynites spent loads of time attacking the Lib Dems to try and make them look unpalatable.

Wouldn't it, Mr Gums?
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