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By Tubby Isaacs
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It's understandable as a state of mind. I got pretty fed up with people who voted Green in Lab-Con marginals in 2015. Had something like a third of Greens in Morley and Outwood voted Labour, they'd have kept Europhobic loon, Andrea Jenkyns out. 1 in 40 Green voters supporting Labour would have held Gower. 1 in 9 Green voters could have held Croydon Central.

But it's a point you need to make fairly politely. Especially when you've got people in the Leaders' Office who were in the Communist Party in 2015.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Great compilation of people you never want to hear from on here. ... me-tories/

Reminded again of the genius Dr Eoin.

This compares with the official Labour position of opposing the Withdrawal Agreement because something something about the future arrangement which could have been decided later?
By The Weeping Angel
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Ayesha Hazarika makes some very good points. ... 1563975044
Of the two new leaders announced this week, it wasn’t Boris Johnson who ignited the wrath of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. It turns out that being a young, moderate woman with a political past and a potentially bigger future is far worse.

Corbyn’s influential social media cheerleaders and army of Twitter supporters exploded into action with a rage normally reserved for complaints about anti-Semitism or when Rory Stewart goes rambling. I made the schoolgirl error of congratulating Jo Swinson and making a few factual observations, and ended up in what’s known as a “pile on”: where people gang up on you on Twitter to call you useless, mean, heartless, stupid, fat, ugly and, worse… a Blairite.

If I wanted that kind of thing, I would go home to visit my parents — in Glasgow not India, obvs. I was even told to “decolonise” my timeline by a posh young white woke woman, which is ironic given that her ancestors probably lorded it over mine back in the day.

Labour politics is such blast. It’s clear that the leadership and their propogandists were lashing out because they are rattled. And they’re right to be. Yes, the Lib Dems joined forces with the Tories during the coalition years and they paid a price for that at the 2015 general election. But if you look at how people voted in the European and local elections and the latest polls, it appears that the British public may have now forgiven them and rewarded them for their early, clear stance against Brexit.

The Labour Party must do more than attack the past, especially when Brexit is the issue of the day. And how aggressively negative are we going to get? Someone tweeted me “why don’t you just F off and join the Lib Dems?” The problem is, comrade, many former Labour members and voters are doing just that. I feel like I’m the last one standing! And as we’ve seen from Donald Trump’s playbook, over-the-top personal attacks on popular young female politicians don’t always go so well.
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By The Weeping Angel
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The authors of this have onviously not heard the news Labour is under investigation by the EHRC. ... -the-talk/
Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labour leader to be elected on an explicitly anti-imperialist, anti-austerity policy platform. It took until 2015 before we decided to elect a Labour leader who is driven by addressing inequality on a fundamental, structural and international level. While his leadership represents a unique opportunity to pursue a socialist agenda, it’s also clear that we, as a movement, need to get skilled up and ensure we have the tools at our disposal to shape the narrative of this socialist agenda.

Four years of a resurgent Labour left pushing for democratic reform are only just beginning to take effect in a way that will aid the process of community engagement and rebuilding trust. The first stage of the democracy review brought sweeping democratic reforms to party structures making them easier to navigate, the formation of The World Transformed has opened up political policy discussion to the masses, and this year the party has also made a financial commitment to establish the Labour Community Organising Unit.
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