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Jeremy Corbyn faced a fresh crisis last night after it emerged that one of his closest allies had declined to suspend a Labour member accused of anti- semitism and racially abusing a mixed-race employee.
Thomas Gardiner, Labour’s head of governance and legal, is also the subject of a complaint by a party employee about his management style.
The news comes on the eve of an emergency meeting of the parliamentary Labour Party, where MPs will challenge Corbyn over his personal failure to tackle discrimination against Jews and tell him the issue could cost him his leadership.
Leaked emails reveal that in January, Gardiner chose not to sanction a Corbyn supporter who allegedly said Labour MPs had a phone app that sent instructions from the Israeli Government.
The individual, a white man in his fifties, also allegedly described the former Labour MP Chuka Umunna as “black on the outside, blue on the inside”, before responding to an objection from a mixed-race staffer by saying: “You would say that, wouldn’t you?”.
Labour’s disciplinary unit, run by Gardiner, did not respond to a complaint about the incident for five months, citing an admin error and a “huge influx of cases”. It acted only after the mixed-race staffer said he was “concerned and disappointed” by the delay and could be racially abused at future events.
In an email dated January 2 this year, one of Gardiner’s aides wrote: “Thomas made a decision for a notice of investigation to be issued rather than a suspension. So this means the respondent is able to attend party meetings etc.” A further email stated: “Your comments below about anticipating further abuse will be passed on to the investigating officer.”
The individual remained a party member and posted incendiary material online, including an article in April saying Israel had been responsible for 9/11 and an illustration of an aeroplane emblazoned with the star of David heading for the World Trade Center.
A Labour source said Gardiner did not suspend the individual because his alleged remarks took place in person rather than online, so more investigation was required. Gardiner suspended him in April after the more recent online posts.
The Sunday Times is choosing not to identify the man because he has become terminally ill. He said he had not been notified of his suspension but that if it was true he would now fulfil his lifelong ambition of joining the Communist Party.
It is not the first time that Gardiner has come under pressure over his handling of anti-semitism. In March it emerged he had declined to suspend a woman who posted a far-right image of the Statue of Liberty being suffocated by an alien with the star of David on its back, saying it was only “anti-Israel”. He was also accused of “bullying” in his role as a councillor in Camden last year. He denies the claim.
The staff member who recently complained about Gardiner’s management is on leave and has not yet submitted a full statement to HR about their experience. They are in talks about a payoff. It is understood Gardiner has not been informed about the details of the claims.
Separately, the Labour MP Wes Streeting has compiled research showing more than a dozen shadow cabinet members have said nothing in response to the BBC Panorama programme on anti-semitism.
Tomorrow he will tell the shadow cabinet, alongside Ruth Smeeth, a Jewish MP, and John Mann, chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on anti-semitism: “Collectively, you are the leadership of the Labour Party. It is time for you to step up to the mark.” ... K7b8gxSphk
Mr Stern is, er, controversial. See that article.
Mr Stern, who told the Jewish Chronicle that the appearance of the image made him feel ‘quite intimidated’, has been the subject of recent claims that he is against the LGBT community because of his activism in the area of sex education. However, he has said that he merely wants Orthodox communities to be able to continue to teach sex education to their children at home, in accordance with their tradition.
I don't think a complaint about him being non "mainstream" is going to get very far. It'll also look to some people like Jez put him up to it in the meeting- though I'm sure Jez is thinking he doesn't need this complaint.
This is not the behaviour of a man who thinks this is an issue. This is the behaviour of a man irritated to be questioned on why some of his supporters are still behaving like shits, while making sure he gives out the message that it’s OK - this isn’t really a problem, and you can be as nasty as you like as long as you’re careful with what you say so you can plausibly deny things.

Just imagine him saying something similar about wanting to make sure his MPs can criticise black people as strongly as possible as long as they aren’t openly racist. About how occasionally politicians cross the line but they probably don’t mean anything.

What a monumental fucking arsehole.

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I would put money on the fact he would be distinctly different if the Tories were, for example, criticising Robert Mugabe and "dipped into" criticising all black people.
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Blimey, The Morning Star is part of the Blairite MSM campaign to undermine Jeremy. Seumus will be cross.

The Socialism of fools: Anti-Semitism in the Labour party?

"With a 2,000-year history, anti-semitism has made its way into all parts of society – including the left. We should do all we can to deal with it, not stigmatise those who raise concerns, write MARY DAVIS and PHIL KATZ" ... p.facebook
Corbyn trotted out his favourite Benn fortune cookie cliche; ‘I don’t do personal but stick to the issues.’ That’s something a precocious teenage student would say to sound mature and clever. What sort of twat goes into a campaign against Johnson without making it personal? “I respect Boris personally but this election’s about bus route policy.” He’s not John Major. I suspect Corbyn’s really saying don’t make me the issue.
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Anything from Jez that cuts through will get pinched.

Then it becomes an election about leadership acumen between those two. Oh my word. I still think Jammy Jez could wing it enough for three weeks not to lose too many seats. While Johnson ups the ante with puerile insults and performing the same old tired routines to dwindling audiences in the provinces.
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