Discussion of the UK Government
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By MisterMuncher
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Honestly, it's about fucking time that someone of that stature said it that plainly.

No ambiguity. Just simply "OK, big balls. You've shown us your timeframe, you told us what you can do. Deliver it or STFU".

I give it a fortnight till the Sun has her photoshopped in the full Hugo Boss rig.
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By MisterMuncher
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Post Brexit trade deals.

Britain is a sales rep continuously traveling along a very long motorway. Every other nation in the world is the motorway services operators. Sure, they could charge Britain normal, comparable rates to those charged in their other shops away from the motorway, but it's not like Britain had much choice in the matter, so they put the arm in right to the shoulder.

Britain used to work in a nice airy office with loads of shops round it, a subsidised canteen and a much nicer company car. They could go back tomorrow, but they changed jobs a few years ago because they were paranoid about what the Polish cleaners were talking about, and they can't go back on such a decision.
By spoonman
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MisterMuncher wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:44 pm
I give it a fortnight till the Sun has her photoshopped in the full Hugo Boss rig.
You reckon it'll take that long? They're likely to have their graphic editors already on the job.
By MisterMuncher
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It's all a game to these twats. All I can see here is the precursor of "We really tried. We tried *everything*, but those Germans/Paddies just wouldn't budge, and they only gave us a month, too, the bastards"
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By Bones McCoy
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:48 pm
Ripped the timetable out of his hands and shoved it up his arse. Not quite as clever as they think they are, Cumrag & Co., are they?

Anyway, post-Brexit trade deals.
I wonder whether he said "OOmph" as it tickel his prostate.
By Tubby Isaacs
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CNN earlier laughing at how shit things are that Johnson seems relatively adult compared with Trump.

In other news, spot the logical fallacy:
Boris Johnson has issued a fresh warning to MPs tempted to try to block a no-deal Brexit, with a senior government official insisting “politicians don’t get to choose which public votes they respect”.
By Watchman
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Boiler wrote:
Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:55 am
You mean, like the ones Johnson says we can't export to the US?

https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2019/0 ... ience.html
I was slightly confused by deFaffle's wording ....banned due to some sort of food and drugs administration thing.....which to me implies that it's the Yanks who have banned it, so not sure what his context is
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