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By Boiler
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Dan wrote:
Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:58 am ... pt-voters/

Gina Miller is suffering The Great Man's displeasure.
"This is a rich woman using her millions to meddle in politics while refusing to stand for election."
Bit of wee has come out here.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun screaming for the PM to defy the Parliamentary Democracy they were so keen on us taking back control of:

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson must defy this rogue Remainer Parliament and take Britain out of the EU on October 31

BORIS Johnson must defy this rogue Remainer Parliament to the end. It is not merely useless, not just unworthy of public respect. It is illegitimate — and the vast majority of voters know it.

Many of its MPs were elected in the first place on a platform of lies:

That they would honour the Brexit referendum, when in truth they would look for any excuse to reverse it. That they believed “No Deal was better than a bad deal” when they would resign their Government posts and betray their party if No Deal looked likely.

Some Tories supposedly committed to Brexit were closet Lib-Dem Remainers. Some Labour MPs were too. None have respected our democracy enough to seek a new mandate at a by-election.

Others, seduced by Remainer cheerleaders in the media and on Twitter, decided any pro-Brexit promises could be jettisoned — and to hell with voters.

Labour too vowed to respect 17.4million Leavers, about four million of them traditionally on the Left. It has now finally committed to betraying them all.

So now, having put the referendum result into law, Remainers seek to overturn it via preventing our departure on October 31. How? By seizing entirely new, improper powers for themselves in open defiance of our constitution and the public.

MPs’ role is to scrutinise and amend Government legislation and, if need be, defeat it and replace that Government in an election. Instead, terrified of Boris winning, this appalling group deployed their shyster Speaker John Bercow to help install themselves as a parallel, unaccountable Remainer Government with no mandate.


Bercow is no longer a Speaker. He long ago betrayed his office and its historic impartiality. He is an imposter. An ego-driven Remain activist, sniggering behind his “b***ocks to Brexit” bumper sticker, verbosely denouncing Leave-backing politicians, debasing the vital role he should never have held.

His Remainer friends deliberately kept him in place to thwart Brexit. They knew a successor would not let them.

And Bercow rewarded them by bulldozing convention and granting them power to create law. They have defeated the Government on its central policy — but intend to keep it trapped in office for fear that an election will hand Boris the convincing victory polls indicate. The Commons Remainer majority is ­literally trying to force our Brexit-backing PM to enact a policy with which his Government violently disagrees and runs directly counter to both its interests and, in our view, Britain’s.

They seek to use Boris as their puppet, absurdly threatening him with JAIL if he refuses. Shamefully, they have shut out the electorate — and its Brexit-backing majority — because they fear it.

What is their ultimate aim? To induce such a crisis that they can successfully argue for a second referendum or for Brexit to be scrapped. Only inside Westminster’s Remainer echo-chamber do these look like viable options. The real-world damage will be catastrophic.

This is not a game. Ian Blackford, an odious little Humpty Dumpty figure from the SNP, thinks it is, reportedly gloating that Boris is his “prisoner”. Consider that: it amuses a party devoted to breaking up the UK that our Government is paralysed. But this is a violation of our democracy. A grotesque insult to the electorate.


Millions cherish their vote. It’s the only voice they have — and they are itching to exercise it. They believe London’s politicians should keep their promises and are watching these repugnant antics in horror. All the while, Boris is climbing in most polls.

This Parliament is illegitimate. Whether its Bill to prevent Brexit on October 31 is invalid too is for the Supreme Court to judge. But Boris must fight it to the very end on behalf of Leave voters, plus the many Remainers who did accept defeat with good grace and value our democracy above all.

Boris will not, must not, cannot beg the EU for yet another aimless delay. Nor must he allow himself to be forced by court order to do so.

The Sun believes voters will rally behind the man who stood against these charlatans. They have all but destroyed faith in our democracy and are poised, via referendum or revoking Article 50, to deliver the fatal blow.

The first chance it gets, the public will remove many of them from office, and rightly so.

They no longer deserve their place in Westminster.
By Snowflake
The Sun believes voters will rally behind the man who stood against these charlatans. They have all but destroyed faith in our democracy and are poised, via referendum or revoking Article 50, to deliver the fatal blow.
Does Rupe know something we don't?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The classless and vitriolic farewell to Bercow that you'd expect from The Sun:


THE Remainer MPs’ stomach-churning love-in for their departing stooge Bercow was another insult to an enraged public.

Half the Commons stood to applaud him: The Remainer half. What more does anyone need to know?

Ordinary people, if they recall him at all, will remember only a preening egomaniac who twisted Parliamentary rules and trashed the historic reputation of his previously impartial office to help his pals override 17.4million votes.

The pompous windbag embodies an illegitimate, anti-democratic establishment long overdue its reckoning.

With last night’s election-blocking vote these cowards even postponed that, leaving the Government and Parliament crippled for nearly three months but the electorate disgracefully shut out.

Bercow isn’t quite finished. He will stick around till October 31 for one reason: To help hammer the final nails in the coffin of Brexit and our democracy.

Boris’s Government must stop him — as well as denying him the customary peerage he’ll assume is his.

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson’s Leaver Tories must join forces with Nigel Farage…or they’ll wreck Brexit

IF the Brexit Party poses a mortal threat to Boris Johnson’s Tories, it is time Nigel Farage ensured it did not.

Consider what is at stake. Both men want Brexit “come what may, do or die”.

Boris still prefers a civilised deal with Brussels. Fine. But since Remainer MPs have all but killed any chance of that, he’d go for No Deal.

It will not be the PM’s fault if the Supreme Court forces Britain by law to beg the EU for a delay instead. But it is assumed Farage’s party will then destroy the Tories at an election. To what end?

Farage seems to have few real political ambitions and will never form a Government. Corbyn will, if the Tories are crushed. Which now means No Brexit.

Farage wants a pact. The Tories are resisting — but they should rethink.

Remainers will act tactically. Leavers must too. Farage should stand ONLY in Leave-backing seats the Tories can never win. He must only target Remain parties: Labour and the Lib Dems.

If he and Boris’s pro-Leave Tories cannot join forces they will wreck Brexit. And Farage’s life’s work will be for nothing.
By Boiler
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And Farage’s life’s work will be for nothing.
I don't have a problem with that. Does anyone else have a problem with that?
By Watchman
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With last night’s election-blocking vote these cowards even postponed that, leaving the Government and Parliament crippled for nearly three months but the electorate disgracefully shut out.

And who exactly has shut down Parliament?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Watchman wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:28 pm

And who exactly has shut down Parliament?

Exactly. And The Sun were very keen on the idea only a couple of weeks ago:

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson is not a dictator, he is defending democracy from Remoaners

WE’VE seen infantile antics from Remainer MPs and pundits before, but nothing to match yesterday’s deranged mass tantrum.

Boris Johnson is entirely within his rights to suspend Parliament, effectively for four sitting days after conference season, to put forward a new programme for post-Brexit government.

It doesn’t deprive Remainers of yet another chance to stop Brexit or vote him out . . . more’s the pity. It does make it a bit harder. But so what?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Jeremy Corbyn’s claim the economy is broken is manifestly ridiculous as a record number of Brits work full-time

THE new job and pay figures are staggeringly rosy given Parliament’s Brexit chaos.

How foolish the doom-mongers look.

And imagine how much better the picture will be once investment, currently on ice, pours back in when Brexit is finally complete — even with No Deal.

What a moment for Jeremy ­Corbyn to unveil Labour’s big plan to massively enhance militant unions’ power and hammer the firms creating those jobs.

His claim that the economy is broken is manifestly ridiculous. Pay is soaring at its fastest in 11 years. A record number are working full-time. Long-term unemployment has halved in five years.

France’s joblessness is more than double ours, Italy’s almost three times. Our July growth was 0.3 per cent, while ­Germany is almost in recession.

Corbyn may have weirdly romantic memories of the bleak socialist 1970s where his extremism was forged.

God help us all if he takes Britain back there — as the world’s other capitalist economies forge ahead towards 2050.

Muppet show

WE didn’t think politicians’ stock could sink any lower. Then we saw the Labour and Green MPs’ tantrum in the Commons.

Grown men and women, elected to office, protesting like teenagers with scrawled banners bleating “silenced”.

Silenced? How?

For three years they have been given every platform to proclaim their loathing of Brexit and campaign to reverse it.

They are forcing the PM to beg a delay from the EU, threatening him with jail if he refuses and compelling him to release aides’ private messages.

These muppets are not oppressed insurgents. They are the Remainer establishment, reasserting the status quo for the London Europhile elite.

And silencing 17.4million voices for Leave.


MIND-boggling as it is, the party with “Democrats” in its title is now fully committed to annulling the biggest democratic mandate in our history.

But at least the Liberals are upfront: That they value democracy only if it delivers what they want. If not, ignore it.

Labour, by contrast, is still weaselling away — too cowardly for an election, too terrified to tell four million of its supporters it will negate their Brexit vote.

Having seen its Brexit policy become a national joke last week, it now says it would hold a second referendum with a “credible” Leave option vs Remain. And it won’t officially say which it would back.

They’re fooling absolutely no one.

And what “Leave option” would this be, anyway? Some fantasy Labour deal, even softer than Theresa May’s?

That would be blatantly unfair to Leavers, since many want No Deal.

But then Remainers are no longer even pretending their second vote will be fair.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Anti-democratic Remainers hope courts will do their dirty work to stop Brexit

ANOTHER victory for lavishly funded, anti-democratic Remainers who couldn’t stop Brexit at the ballot box but now hope courts will do their dirty work.

The Sun will not denigrate Scottish judges. But others ruled differently, there and in England, and the Supreme Court will ultimately decide if Boris Johnson suspended Parliament legitimately.

We happen to believe he was entirely in the right. But why do Remain MPs want more time to sit anyway?

They blew their last day endlessly licking their pet Speaker’s backside, singing and waving infantile banners.

How could they afford such indulgences? Because they had already had ample time to set up their unelected pseudo-Government and pass a law making No Deal illegal.

What more do they want? Unless their real intention is to spend September trying to revoke Brexit without even bothering to ask voters.

Millions are wise to them.

Boris is a centre-ground, mainstream Tory trying to deliver what 17.4million people voted for. The Remainer establishment’s claims that he is a dictator flouting the law are confected drivel.

They are terrified of his popularity — with good reason.

Migrant sense

SO much for Boris, the “British Trump”. He doesn’t want to build a wall, he wants a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

And far from keeping migrants out, like the US President, he has unveiled his most liberal move yet.

The Sun backs letting foreign students stay for two years after uni to find a job and enrich our economy and culture.

We believe in Britain as a home for the “brightest and the best”. It’s why we have called for Hong Kong’s finest ­talents to be fast-tracked for UK visas.

But we do have a couple of reservations: Where are the new homes for all those graduates? And how will the system ensure only real ones stay? It must not be a backdoor for low-skilled workers to cheat new post-Brexit controls.

Meanwhile illegal migrants must be prevented from crossing the Channel. Those that do must be rapidly deported.

The prospect of “taking back control” HAS softened public opinion on migrants.

That won’t last if “control” is a mirage.
By Bones McCoy
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Boris is a centre-ground, mainstream Tory


A centre-ground mainstream tory who expels centre-ground mainstream tories while appinting the most mendacious rightwing cabinet ever.
Let's all contemplate how that's supposed to work.
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