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By Arrowhead
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This guy doesn't stand even a remote chance of winning, does he? The LD's or even the Greens, if somebody like Lucas decided to give it a go, are more likely to run Sadiq Khan close than this absolute throbber.
By youngian
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Bailey was on Any Questions using his background to give him some gravitas to spurt Kipper imperial bullshit about how Brexit will benefit the Commonwealth/Crown dependency Caribbean states. That’s despite every PM in the region is on record explaining why Brexit is very bad news economically and politically.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Bailey's back on crime, with one of those highly edited youtube videos of Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq thinks sexual assault is a "game" apparently and just pisses about blaming Boris Johnson.

To be fair to Bailey, CCTV is very obviously needed and lots of people agree with him, including Assembly Members, that the Central Line trains need CCTV much sooner than they'll get it. But is the delay down to Sadiq thinking it's a joke?

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/f ... 65076.html
A £350 million renovation of Central line trains is due to start at the end of next year. This will include fitting CCTV and enabling the trains and carriages to remain in service for another decade.
And Khan:
He said it was impossible to “retro-fit” cameras as each train’s existing power supply was too low.
I assume TfL have told Khan this. Sometimes organizations like this do bullshit because they don't want to do the work. See for example British Rail gave Michael Portillo some very large figure for repairing the Ribblesdale Viaduct. Portillo, who was a serious man (stupid rhetorical flourishes aside), looked into it and this enabled the line to be saved. Bailey, who isn't a serious man, probably hasn't thought of asking TFL and wouldn't understand the figures they sent him.

It goes without saying, sexual assault is a very serious business. But how much of the high incidence on the Central Line is down to there being no cameras, and how much to it being extremely busy? Will cameras stop that?
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