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davidjay wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:10 pm
I wonder how many people will be tipped over the edge by this latest news. I'm in a comparatively well-balanced state at the moment and it's depressing me so God knows how anyone who's feeling a bit fragile will cope.
I occasionally post on a forum dedicated to anxiety issues and similar - I really hope some on there don't see this. One poster reads the Express and was convinced he should be building a fallout shelter in the best "protect and survive" tradition following some recent articles. Several fellow posters have said the best thing he can do is to stop reading the Express.

Whilst I don't have a copy of Protect And Survive, I do have an original of the booklet produced prior to WW2 explaining how to build internal shelters in your home and how to protect against blast, incendiaries and gas. It makes interesting reading.

Of course, some would say "if you weren't so weak you wouldn't need chemical crutches".

You know the sort.

'Cunts' , I believe they're known as.
My late father was on a course of Risperidone for most of the fourteen months my Mother and myself cared for him at him at home, as his vascular dementia started to advance. It had a transformative effect in calming his outbursts and mood swings, which up until that point had become wildly unpredictable and increasingly difficult for us to cope with. The prospect of that particular drug no longer being readily available to other families in a similar predicament is an absolutely mortifying thought.
Kreuzberger wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:34 pm
Any co-incidence with this morning's wall-to-wall coverage of Britain's "pill-popping" culture amongst 1-in-4 of the population?

The 75% are encouraged to believe that their friends, neighbours and colleagues are just chewing on the sweeties for the hell of it. Second item on the information cesspit that is R4 Today, if pre-coffee and a fag memory serves me correctly.
Well, worthy of CoTD nominations on the BBC story here:
Screenshot_2019-09-11 Too many 'hooked' on prescription drugs.png
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Screenshot_2019-09-11 Too many 'hooked' on prescription drugs(2).png
Screenshot_2019-09-11 Too many 'hooked' on prescription drugs(2).png (7.34 KiB) Viewed 2547 times
Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:08 pm
They drag their knuckles among us :-(
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Theme for a Sci Fi dystopia.

A social media outfit waaay into the future has mastered teleportation.

Once a month they select their most heated online debate, and "beam" its participants to a large arena, where they are tagged with their comment, issued a knife and told to try 30 minutes in "the real world".

The Real World being the title of the snuff gladiator entertainment show that is beamed into the penthouses
of the super rich airship dwellers.
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No Deal Brexit could see 4,500 workers at BMW's Oxford plant face weeks of unpaid leave because factory will be forced into temporary shutdown ... rexit.html

Doug Sterling, Rutherford, United States, 12 hours ago
Seems like "operation fear" is still going on. BMW better manage their company better, or they won't be around very long.
+534 -153
Nessie MacNessie, Noch Less, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
Absolute hysterical scaremongering bull.
+418 -132
sumrit, chonburi, Thailand, 11 hours ago
No-deal Brexit is not the cause, it's the EU/German vindictiveness that the car workers have to blame.
+334 -102
Insignificant, Instow, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
Germany owns the rotten EU. ..... BMW is a German company. They are coming out with this crap because they want to kill BrEXIT to stop us from leaving. ..... Merkel wants our money forever.
+217 -28
They've spent literally decades railing against Brussels and their diktats and crazy red tape (or, y'know, laws was they are rather more rationally termed) and are now apparently shocked and appalled that Brussels are going to apply the rules.

There's still an abiding notion that it'll be grand, and the EU will say their piece, but there's no reason for things not to continue as normal on a nod and wink basis, except for all those people coming here
My bit on the "Project Frear" Predictions.

Yes, it will be a shitshow.
No we will not see mass deaths, bare supermarket shelves or the apocalypse (probably).

Here's why:
The government has performed some contingency planning, too little, too late, but some.
They will have an emergency response plan, which will kick in and see us just about managing.

This will be achieved through a shit-ton of unpaid overtime by the armed forces, coppers and civil servants.
They will be supported by the various private agencies who deliver "ourtsourced services".
Those agencies don't do unpaid overtime, and are happy to bill treble time plus whatever blank cheque we can dream up.

There will be an extreme focus on ensuring that none of the headline disasters occur badly enough to frighten the horses.
Food will be bussed in in military convoys if necessary.
Hospitals will be staffed to a point where they can pull the Alan Partridge line "On Monday nobody died, on Tuesday nobody died".

It all sounds great so far, country syll managing and worst crises dodged.
Where's the catch?

There are two.

First up: permanent crisis management is a very expensive way to run any organisation.
They'll end up writing cheques for all that triple time - and going cap in hand to the Central European Ba... Oh wait :-(.

Second: the massive priority on preventing worst cases mean that the business as usual services get badly neglected.
You'll probably get hospital treatment if you're in a serious car crash, but your granny will on an a 5 year wait for her cataracts.

12 months on, the Mail can drone on about "Project fear remoaner lies - not many people really died".
Meanwhile the budget is disappearing south on contractor and consultant overtime, and basic services are going to pot.
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Those contractors and consultants will definitely be chosen in a very open, fair and completely non-corrupt tender process.

It's been a while from I read Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine", but I honestly can't recall an example of a country's elected government shocking themselves into this kind of Freidmanite nightmare without external factors. Britain leading the way.
Bones McCoy wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:19 pm
My bit on the "Project Frear" Predictions.

Yes, it will be a shitshow.
No we will not see mass deaths, bare supermarket shelves or the apocalypse (probably).

12 months on, the Mail can drone on about "Project fear remoaner lies - not many people really died".

I agree this will be a passing crisis and not even one of the main point of focus as to why Brexit is a tragedy. The slow gutting of the UK economy by our neighbours over the next decade is and that takes years to sink into the public consciousness.
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Expect more irate comments soon...
Sir Bernard, who chairs the constitutional affairs select committee in Parliament, said the Commons should "adapt itself" to a new role for the Speaker. He accused Mr Bercow of launching a "personal attack" on the prime minister, insisting this would have been "unthinkable ten or fifteen years ago". The current position allows the occupant "unregulated and untrammelled power", he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "It's a kind of majoritarian dictatorship position," he added.
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