Discussion of the UK Government
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By KevS
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The thought occurs to me about the role of JRM as Privy Council Chairman in all this. As a member of the Cabinet, was he aware of the fact that the Queen was going to be lied to? After all, he was the one who actually spoke to her at Balmoral.

I appreciate it wouldn't have been him who made the final decision of prorogation but did he present it to the Queen knowing full well it was being it was being presented under false pretences?
By KevS
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As for Farage, I hate to say it, he's been a bit canny here.

During Johnson's honeymoon period (which was about two days in late July) when everybody else was treating him like the Messiah, Farage did say that he couldn't be trusted.

By offering a pact to the Tories, he's in effect saying, "Look, we supposedly want the same thing, how about we pool our resources to get the job done?".

With Johnson telling him to do one, Farage can no go back to Leave voters and say "Well, I tried, you'd be better off voting for us" because at least he's been consistent on this issue to say the least.
By Bones McCoy
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:23 pm
Daily Mail Top Trumps:

Boris Johnson V's Nigel Farage

Boris Johnson launches extraordinary attack on 'not fit and proper' Nigel Farage: PM says he will NEVER strike an election pact with the leader of the Brexit Party
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... arage.html

By youngian
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The press are in complete disagreement as to their headline stories today. But are of one mind as to which story isn’t. Even the Sun and the Mail usually remind themselves they are press and not party polemicists when the shit hits the fan (insulting Her Maj by lying to her is something their readers are supposed to take very seriously). They can’t even do that anymore.
By MisterMuncher
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They said it was a political rather than a legal matter, outside their domain. They didn't make any ruling beyond that, not any statement on the legalities re: the GFA in a post Brexit situation.

Boris must be deep in the shit if this represents a victory.
By Andy McDandy
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Obviously I wasn't there, but I'm getting the distinct impression that JRM basically flew up there and strong-armed her with the threat that she had to come down on the side of the government or face accusations that she was meddling.
By KevS
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"Did you lie to the Queen?"

"Absolutely not"

Headline news.

What the fuck were people expecting him to say? " It's a fair cop"?????
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