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By MisterMuncher
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satnav wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:52 pm
Johnson is now saying that he is not going to reveal his new proposals at the moment because they will be instantly rejected. If he thinks they will be instantly rejected now why does he think they will suddenly be more acceptable in a months time?
Johnson's plan is no plan. He won't reveal it because it doesn't exist. He's running down the clock.

He's no Captain Carrot*, and in real life, you cannot bluff with no cards.

*Character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. The scene in question:

Carrot: I was given an order just before I came in here. If you do not comply, I will have no choice but to obey that order. Of course, I will do so with the greatest reluctance.
Dr. Whiteface, appalled: Listen! If I shout, I can have a dozen men in here.
Carrot: Believe me, that will only make it easier for me to obey.

Said order was to leave at once and cause no fuss.
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By Boiler
^^This. All along the Tories have kept saying "we're not going to show our hand."

That's because they've never had anything to show.

Sounds like the papers are going to town on Xavier Bettel, as I listen to that wonderful bit of Reithian BBC known as News Briefing.
By Samanfur
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Brexit: Stop 'pretending' to negotiate, EU's Michel Barnier tells Boris Johnson

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has told Boris Johnson to stop "pretending" he is negotiating a Brexit deal, amid concerns that the prime minister is not trying to reach an agreement.

It comes after reports that proposals brought to Brussels by UK negotiators amounted to the old agreement, with the section on the Irish backstop simply crossed out in the text.
Those reports were confirmed by the government yesterday, for anyone who missed them.
The EU has asked the UK to present proposals to replace the Irish backstop, which Mr Johnson says he wants to scrap. But with a 30-day deadline that Mr Johnson set for himself in Berlin almost exhausted, the UK has yet to present anything.
By KevS
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Jesus fuck, this is a man probably at the end of his tether with worry, and all the cockholes are concerned about is the fact that he is involved with a different political party.

Just about had enough of this rancid embarrassment of a country.
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By Samanfur
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:46 pm
And some Labour activist made his daughter ill to the point of death so that he could be there to confront Knobby McKnobface.

Thanks, Kuenssberg...
She even pointed them in the right direction. I hope that both father and daughter're ready for the attention from this:
By Samanfur
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Boris' attack dog has been given a longer lead. If he's going to do it anyway, they may as well give him permission to:
Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson aide given formal powers to sack cabinet ministers' advisers

Dominic Cummings has been handed a new formal power to sack cabinet ministers' advisers, triggering a protest from the head of the civil service union.

New contracts of employment make clear that Boris Johnson’s controversial chief aide now has ultimate “responsibility for disciplinary matters”, rather than individual ministers.
By Andy McDandy
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To be fair, they're not ministers as much as they are cheerleaders. Sacking Javid's aide was about reminding the also-rans to be happy with their consolation prizes and not to get ideas.

In House of Cards terms, it's as if we've fast forwarded to the Final Cut, having done the entire backstabbing to the top and pissing off the monarch, and now we've got Geoffrey Booza Pitt in charge of an entire cabinet of fanboys and girls.
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