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By Boiler
That's not exactly a quick read, but the gist of it would seem to be:
People with an external locus of control tend to believe that the things which happen in their lives are out of their control and even that their own actions are a result of external factors, such as fate, luck, the influence of powerful others (such as doctors, the police, or government officials) and/or a belief that the world is too complex for one to predict or successfully control its outcomes. Such people tend to blame others rather than themselves for their lives' outcomes.
By satnav
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Earlier this year I was blocked on twitter by Brexit supporting former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton when I suggested that somebody who had gambled away his fortune wasn't really in a good position to lecture people on the economic benefits of Brexit. My assessment of his acumen for economics was confirmed by John Barnes who revealed this week that when the England team collaborated with the Lightning Seeds to produce 'Three Lions on the Shirt' they were given the option of £5000 in cash to share between the squad or ongoing royalties. Shilton told the team that they should take the £5000. Given how many times the song has topped the charts over the year I think Shilton's advice was pretty poor.
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By KevS
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Ah, Peter "That Goal Wasn't My Fault" Shilton. Never took responsibility, publicly sometimes blamed his defenders. Which didn't endear him to his team mates at Derby County when they lost 7-0 once.
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By Boiler
Screenshot_2019-09-20 Brexit secretary to meet EU's chief negotiator.png
Screenshot_2019-09-20 Brexit secretary to meet EU's chief negotiator.png (5.06 KiB) Viewed 1861 times
I question who is brainwashed here (and let's not get into a Scott Adams style debate about 'master persuaders').

And this is priceless.

Screenshot_2019-09-20 Brexit secretary to meet EU's chief negotiator(1).png
Screenshot_2019-09-20 Brexit secretary to meet EU's chief negotiator(1).png (3.48 KiB) Viewed 1859 times
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Fucking's the way they say stuff like this with such confidence, too.

I genuinely don't remember so many people being this thick in the past. It's honestly like we're regressing. It's Idiocracy coming true.

I'm of the opinion that educational standards are higher and the youth are smarter than ever, on the whole. So perhaps it's just a case of the thicker sections of society now having access to platforms. I do hope that's the case because it's worrying to see such staggering ignorance on display these days covering all subjects from politics, to science and just a general basic understanding of anything.
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