Discussion of the UK Government
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By Tubby Isaacs
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It's dog ate my homework stuff.

A lot's been made of Kuensberg etc tweeting Cummings rubbish out, but it's so ridiculous that I don't think it does any harm. I reckon Benn-Burt has got them. And insofar as anybody registers Kasparov Cummings, I'd expect Tory-Lib switchers really don't like it.
By Bones McCoy
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Have you ever done that thing where you get a new visitor in at work and sit them facing away from the door.
Then you arrange to leave the broom cupboard door ajar while shutting the main door.
Hilarity ensues about 65% of the time.
By Snowflake
The bruises may possibly have been love bites, but these are generally administered around the neck region. Roll neck jumpers weren't regulation school uniform back in the day.

By davidjay
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The more I think about it, the more I think this is a credible scenario currently unfolding:

The ERG are perfectly happy with May's plan but by voting against it they get a compliant (ie Johnson) Prime Minister and a cabinet filled with PLU. Virtually the same plan then goes to Parliament and this time it passes - the media spin it to be a great victory for The Ledge, the EU caved in at the last minute just as we said they would, general election sees a thumping Tory majority with Rees Mogg clones taking the places of the 21 traitors. And the subsequent bonfire of red tape ushers in an era of low tax and low regulation in which multi-nationals and hedge fund managers can thrive.
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