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By KevS
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You know when you wake up on a cold grey wet October Monday morning, and you really can't be bothered to face a soul-destroying trudge to face a load of people you have utter contempt and couldn't trust as far as you could throw them?

Good morning, your Majesty.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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davidjay wrote:
Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:30 pm
The more I think about it, the more I think this is a credible scenario currently unfolding:

The ERG are perfectly happy with May's plan but by voting against it they get a compliant (ie Johnson) Prime Minister and a cabinet filled with PLU. Virtually the same plan then goes to Parliament and this time it passes - the media spin it to be a great victory for The Ledge, the EU caved in at the last minute just as we said they would, general election sees a thumping Tory majority with Rees Mogg clones taking the places of the 21 traitors. And the subsequent bonfire of red tape ushers in an era of low tax and low regulation in which multi-nationals and hedge fund managers can thrive.
I would agree if it weren't for one thing: the personal profit many members and their backers stand to make from no deal disaster capitalism. Which is why I think a very similar plan is on the cards. PM forces no deal, tanks the economy and the league of fiscal cunts finally make their £££££. THEN they immediately fold, push for a May-style deal with the EU, Boris and compliant press present it as saving the country from disaster agains the villanous EU, and then all the above.

The worst case scenario possible - they make their money, cause the maximum havok, then romp in to 'save us' from themselves and it's cast as a victory by their chums because we've already had hard brexit so all the fucking nutters are sated. Then we proceed to phase B where the civil service and the public sector are all dismantled and the UK rapidly becomes a smaller, damper version of the USA.

Bonus round: Farage is finally elected an MP because he needs a new gravy train once he can no longer be an MEP, defects to the Tories (or is even elected as a Tory), and gets a cushy cabinet job. PM by the end of the 2020s
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By Boiler
Were Johnson to chuck the DUP under the bus to get a deal - they're only ten votes and he already is 43 short of a majority - what impact would it have in NI on the ground?
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By youngian
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DUP are prepared to risk economic chaos and the return of border conflict to impose Brexit on NI so I doubt a pork barrel Boris bung is going to convince them to accept May's deal with knobs on. Except fear of a united Ireland. I get the impression Sammy Wilson wishes (in his head rather than his heart) that Brexit never happened.
By Andy McDandy
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I suspect that he calculates any casualties at this stage don't really matter. Keep sacrificing bodies because he'll magically replace them with Tory boy zealots come the election.
By KevS
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So after 40 months, three prime ministers, billions of pounds, and both largest parties suffering from deep divisions, the final say so isn't dependent on the 17.4 million, the 290 or so Tory MPs, or even the 22 round the cabinet table, but with 10 creationist homophobes who think it's still 1688, and 28 puffed up preening self important idiots with rampant Napoleon complexes.

Well done everyone.
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