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By The Red Arrow
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October 14, 1322 Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeats King Edward II of England at Byland, forcing Edward to accept Scotland's independence. Spin that, you prick.
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By spoonman
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Meanwhile in Ireland, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has seen his approval rating shoot up from 36% back in May to 51% today in polling carried out by the Irish Times. ... -1.4050285

Attribution to such a sharp rise could include perception of his government's handling the economy, but it would be stupid not to place a large assumption of him getting right under the skin of certain British Brexiteers. :lol:
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By Oblomov
This Margaret loon on LBC right now accusing John Bercow of treason and explaining it with some bizarre foot race analogy :shock:
By Boiler
Oblomov wrote:
Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:56 am
This Margaret loon on LBC right now accusing John Bercow of treason and explaining it with some bizarre foot race analogy :shock:
You're gonna have to explain that last bit, Oblomov old boy... :?:
By Boiler
I've had a sheltered upbringing. Can someone explain this "foot race analogy" to me? Please?

ETA: I can read it for myself now. And try to understand.

Others can listen; to me it's as clear as diarrhoea. ... -hangs-up/
By The Red Arrow
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Margaret's a frightened rabbit. The tragedy is that - with her degree and genius for analogies - she won't get this. I'm sure my fellow frightened rabbits here will.

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By MisterMuncher
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I've found the sooner someone drops qualifications, titles or credentials on you, especially unprompted, the sooner tis time to get the fuck out.

See: an agency chef I dealt with recently, who assured me repeatedly he had "20 years in the game, lad, 20 years, run a restaurant in Barcelona, couple of one and two star places, won young chef of the year in......"

Indeed. Yet was incapable of producing edible mash. And cooked chicken supremes by boiling them. And made a soup from three cases of fresh tomatoes which he then burned.

"What the fuck is this shit, mate?"
"Fuck you. I'm doing this 20 years, I've done... ...I don't need to listen to this"
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