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Those of us old and honest enough to remember what coverage her mum in law was getting right up until the very moment she hit the wall shouldn't be surprised. Or the coverage the now Saint Kate was getting right up until they decided to bracket Meg. Disappointed, certainly. Annoyed, perhaps. But not in any way surprised.

The instinctive need to target women marrying into the royal family on any pretext isn't new. It's just never had the bonus of racists getting in on the act. Thing is, there's no stray royal males left to get married, so Megan won't be getting left alone any time soon.
Jesus, she seems genuinely beaten down, poor girl. Obviously having a newborn to take care of is a contributing factor but she must be struggling so much with this onslaught and abuse on a daily basis. Tom approached that really well, in my opinion. Seemed very real and almost caring.
#weloveyoumeghan is trending. Bloody good job too.

As I've said before, it would help no end if Brenda spoke up in support.
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I read some of those tweets.
The naysayers are just like the brexiteers.

Not a fucking ounce of substance to their statements.
Just anger and knowing she's a wrong-un.
Lots of things she "shouldn't of done", but no specifics.

Empty heads just waiting to be filled with tomorrow's headlines.

Or maybe it's because she's black.
Bones McCoy wrote:
Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:45 pm
I read some of those tweets.
The naysayers are just like the brexiteers.

Not a fucking ounce of substance to their statements.
Just anger and knowing she's a wrong-un.
Lots of things she "shouldn't of done", but no specifics.
Just like Brexiteers that fought WW2 in their imaginations, maybe they think they're seeing Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson all over again (except the chances of him becoming Henry IX are almost zero)??
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:lol: Unintentionally throwing their own readers under the bus there.

"Yes, most normal people sympathise with her but our readers are vicious cunts."

More than 20,000 MailOnline users reacted to last night's ITV documentary, and the response was overwhelmingly negative.
So Toby, if she's all those things, why does the likes of you and the Daily Mail try to destroy her..............because you're all small minded cunts, that's why
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This is the same Toby Young who couldn't stand being on the same pitch as Dawn Butler. ... f-my-life/
But just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, I spotted another guest at a neighbouring table: Dawn Butler. For those of you that don’t know, Dawn is the Labour MP for Brent and the Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities. She was also extremely rude about me in the House of Commons and on Question Time at the beginning of the year. In spite of being a Corbynite, she pushed the nuclear button, making a string of terrible allegations that were wrong in almost every particular. I had been itching for an opportunity to point out these inaccuracies. Not in public, since that would risk reigniting the imbroglio over my appointment to the Office for Students, but in private. At an occasion such as this, in fact.

But I realised that if I marched over to her table and gave her a piece of my mind, the ensuing row might cast a shadow over what was supposed to be a celebration of everything that was best about humanity. I would be diverting the spotlight away from these upstanding citizens and towards me. And what sort of example would I be setting for Freddie if I hijacked his day to settle a score of my own? No, it just couldn’t be done. I had no
choice but to bite my tongue. If I happened to catch her eye, I would just smile politely and look away.

It then got worse. The reason she was there, I discovered, was because she was presenting the trophies to the ‘Local Heroes’ at half-time and then posing for photographs with the whole group. My plan was to stroll out on to the pitch with Freddie and bask in reflected glory, but I had no wish to be photographed with Dawn. I daresay she wasn’t that keen to be pictured with me, either, and even if I swallowed my pride and went through with it, there was a risk she’d cause a scene. Disaster! So I stopped at the edge of the tunnel and sent Freddie out on his own.
Kreuzberger wrote:
Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:08 pm
Your regular reminder that Toby Young is often referred to as a, "Writer and Broadcaster".

And no, he's rarely on the telly, either.
Eugenist and panhandler more like.
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Dear Harry and Meghan: I feel for you... but sometimes a stiff upper lip IS the best cure, writes LIBBY PURVES in an open letter to the Sussexes

For fuck's sake. How can someone with experience of suicide in the family manage to possess so little empathy or knowledge of the complexities of mental health?
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