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By Bones McCoy
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Boiler wrote:
Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:07 pm
Didn't some other Repug have a faith adviser?
I'm sure the Reagans had Nancy's "Mystic Meg" pal, there to tell them when to expect the rapture.
By The Red Arrow
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Boiler wrote:Didn't some other Repug have a faith adviser?
Despite church and state being constitutionally separate (tell that to the gun-nuts) I'd be surprised if a U.S president of any stripe didn't. Obama had Joshua DuBois.

Interesting pointers here.
God in the White House
https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperi ... ite-house/
By The Red Arrow
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But is there a cure?

I'm tempted to write something lengthy about the comparison that springs readily to mind when contemplating the blind, devotional reverance shown to the infallibility of the founding fathers is/was those pesky commies with Lenin and Marx.

No apologies for dragging Beau into into things yet again. Gives me hope knowing people like him (and the majority of his commentariat) are out there.

By Andy McDandy
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I can understand to a degree having someone who can tell el presidente how something will play in the bible belt, but such an obvious charlatan?

American "praise Jesus!" christianity really is just a celebration of being white and not the most fucked.
By spoonman
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Meanwhile, Trump actually attends a sport event where he isn't booed out of the place. It is Alabama though.

Just to show, however, that karma exists, Alabama lost the game to LSU, ending a 31 game unbeaten streak at home. Yep, everything Trump touches turns to shit!
By The Red Arrow
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And then there were six. Roger Stone convicted on seven counts including witness tampering.

While Donny Dipshit counters claims that he intimidated the former ambassador to Ukraine by intimidating her with a series of tweets as she gave evidence to hearing. Not a good look. Even F*x News having a good wtf over it. Christmas might just come early in certain quarters.
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