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By Kreuzberger
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A classic case for restorative justice. This kind of behaviour is probably not an isolated case. (Not that I know too much about that kind of thing.)
By Boiler
Essex. Again.
The message said the crew should have "asked" before parking and "come out when we beep the horn for 10 minutes".
Mind you, there's nothing wrong with Essex that a few megatons of Academician Kurchatov's big fireworks couldn't fix.
By MisterMuncher
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"No-one deserves to be abused for doing their job, so if a marked ambulance is parked across your drive for a few minutes, please think - is your parking space more important than a neighbour's life?"
An internal debate for which one would be best taking along a nice chair and a good book.
By Cyclist
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Yet another of America's Religious Right shoes how ignorant they are.

There have been two incidents on London Bridge in recent years. None that I know of on Tower Bridge.

What does this big-mouth empty-headed ChristiaNazi come up with? A picture of Tower Bridge and some racist dribble about terrorism.

Tower Bridge is not London Bridge. Why can't these stupid fucking Americans tell the difference?
By Cyclist
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Actually, she probably is as ignorant as she seems. Many Americans think London Bridge has mock-Gothic towers and lifting bascules.

Hence the tourist attraction in Arizona. They thought they were buying the one pictured above.

Anyway, Coulter's comment is no different to the hundreds you see under any Fail article with pictures pre-dating 1970.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Well-wishers donate £11,500 to 59-year-old man who hung Morrisons bag and note on his garden gate in hope of 'a couple of tins of beans' - with 'single mum thousands in debt' even giving £1 ... d-man.html

Badthat, The North , United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Single men are struggling and are invisible in this society where women are getting full support with a me,me, me, attitude. Blokes in general are too proud and I can only presume he was at an all time low before he asked for help.
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