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By The Red Arrow
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Er, about that economic growth...

Moody's downgrades UK credit rating outlook to 'negative'

Brexit to blame

The agency added the uncertainty around Brexit and and effects of the leaving the European Union would be long-lasting. ... -negative/

UK growth 'slowest in almost a decade'

11 November 2019
While the election is just under five weeks away, clearly this isn't the good news the government might have hoped for.
...years of damaged business investment, after the Brexit referendum, are taking their toll on growth.
By youngian
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But do not mistake him for a pacifist. He backs terrorists waging war on the West or Israel. Ask the IRA or Hamas.

Would PM Corbyn keep us safe? Would he hell. He admits he would never deploy our nukes — instantly negating them as a deterrent.

No it doesn't. Best not to test the leader of a nuclear weapons state regardless of their previous statements in opposition. Especially when they're not a pacifist. So watch your mouth Bibi.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Nigel Farage must swallow his pride and stand down more Brexit Party candidates — only Boris Johnson can achieve Brexit

NIGEL Farage is taking a monumental gamble with Brexit and his place in ­history.

He should rethink — and stand down dozens of candidates today. To his credit he did Boris Johnson a big favour pulling out of Tory seats.

But it is a giant risk to assume that in ­Labour marginals his Brexit Party will lure Labour voters but not Tories.

Yes, maybe his backing for Boris’s deal will convince wavering Tories to return “home”.

But polls show him attracting more of them than ex-Labour voters. That could split the Leave vote, put Corbyn in No10 and kill Brexit.

So we agree with Mr Farage’s friend and former backer Arron Banks. He wants the Brexit Party to focus on a handful of Labour Leave constituencies.

The Tories could take a back seat there, while becoming the sole Leave option in scores of winnable Labour marginals. If Boris cannot take those, the Lib-Dems and SNP will gift Corbyn power.

Painful as it is, Mr Farage must swallow his pride. It’s not a “sellout” to the Tories. They simply should not be rivals.

They share one goal, Brexit — but only a Boris majority can achieve it.

WHO do you trust with our finances? Brexit aside, that is the key question.
The answer to the question is anyone who doesn't support Brexit, which is demonstrably bad for the economy. It's quite simple really.

Mad Marxists

WHO do you trust with our finances? Brexit aside, that is the key question.

Both main parties will promise “real change”. Which can bring that about without bankrupting Britain?

Labour, which wrecked the economy twice in a generation and whose £1trillion spending spree would do it again?

Or, under revitalised new leadership, the Tories, whose cuts helped balance the books while creating a jobs boom, historic lows in unemployment and now above-inflation wage rises?

You may be able to tell who we prefer. Labour’s record is catastrophic. And that was before the Marxists took it over.

Tinfoil hack

WITH no evidence, Corbyn’s tinfoil-hatters reckon Russia hacked their computers.

Oddly, they demanded every shred of evidence last year before they would blame Moscow for its chemical weapons attack in Salisbury.

Which brings us to the obvious flaw in their latest theory:

Why would the Kremlin target its UK cheerleaders?

I've read this over and over again and it just reads as if The Sun are completely agreeing with the point she's making while simultaneously sneering at her...

It's Net zero

ANOTHER clueless celeb wades into politics.

Olivia Colman reckons the NHS could be “sorted out” by the taxes “massive companies avoid paying”. Right.

Except her Netflix paymasters rake in hundreds of millions from British subscribers but contribute NO corporation tax.

They funnel takings via Holland and claim production credits for — you guessed it — Olivia Colman’s The Crown.

Have a word with them, Your Maj.
By Andy McDandy
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How did Labour wreck the economy "twice in a generation"? Even if you go along with them causing the 2008 crash, the economy was on the up and up since 1997. Taking a "20 years to a generation" approach, that puts whatever happened in the 70s out of reach. Meanwhile the Tories topped and tailed the 80s with crashes, so erm...
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Former Justice Secretary David Gauke has been driven mad by bitterness and his hatred for Boris

IT is painful to see former statesmen reduced to bitter has-beens driven by childish petulance.

Just weeks ago David Gauke was Justice Secretary voting for Theresa May’s deal.

Now, axed by Boris Johnson, he urges voters to back the Lib-Dems and will himself fight the Conservative candidate in his old seat solely to stop Boris getting a majority vital to secure Brexit.

Gauke must know the only alternative: A Marxist Government taking a blowtorch to our democracy — kept in power by the Liberals and SNP who, whatever they are telling voters now, will demand a price which Corbyn will willingly pay.

Remainer Gauke was driven mad by Boris and Brexit. How did such lightweights ever reach Cabinet level?

Labour farce

ANOTHER triumphant day for Labour.

A heckler correctly brands Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser. A fact Corbyn cunningly confirms by regretting that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wasn’t arrested before he could blow himself up.

Labour’s health spokesman denies they would impose a crippling four-day week on the NHS, only to be humiliatingly corrected by the shadow chancellor.

The party’s conference policy of “free movement” for all-comers is forecast to almost quadruple net annual migration to a jaw-dropping 840,000.

An ex-Labour minister tells voters to back Boris. And the Communist Party stands down its candidates because its policies are no different from Labour’s.

Every single non-Tory vote propels these mad extremists towards power.

Poison dwarves

LORD Bramall was a military giant whose final years were wrecked by moronic cops and an odious failure of a politician.

A D-Day hero who rose to head our Armed Forces, only to be dragged through the muck by a paedophile’s lies stirred up by Labour’s Tom Watson.

Bernard Hogan-Howe was the useless police chief in charge.

And what did Watson achieve in politics? He failed to oust Corbyn, then fled from his voters.

Lord Bramall reached the very top on merit — before these pygmies trashed him and got away with it. It is sickening.

Breathe easy

THE hysteria over vaping’s perils is absurd.

In an ideal world no one would vape or smoke. But the world isn’t ideal and cigarettes are vastly more dangerous.

It would be mad to follow other countries and ban vaping, given its huge ­success in getting smokers to quit.

Yes, there are isolated scares and even deaths in the US where the market — unlike ours — is almost unregulated. But smoking kills 20 A DAY in the UK.

Vaping saves lives. End the backlash.
By Bones McCoy
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I'd love to hear how Vaping saves lives.

Something something back in the 50s Cigarettes used to open your airways.
That was before the insane EU forced us to lace them with socialism and plutonium...
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By Boiler
Spotted on the BBC website, a S*n review of the film Last Christmas which seems to be going in for a form of bingo:
"Last Christmas is the worst festive film I have ever seen," wrote Dan Wootton in The Sun. "It's a woke, remoaning, overly politically correct mess of a movie that manages to suck every inch of fun, joy and togetherness out of the season where we should be jolly."
By Cyclist
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Boiler wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:10 pm
Spotted on the BBC website, a S*n review of the film Last Christmas which seems to be going in for a form of bingo:
"Last Christmas is the worst festive film I have ever seen," wrote Dan Wootton in The Sun. "It's a woke, remoaning, overly politically correct mess of a movie that manages to suck every inch of fun, joy and togetherness out of the season where we should be jolly."
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'd not heard of it, but if someone from the Scum thinks it's that bad it's probably worth seeing.
By Bones McCoy
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:33 pm
As a step down from regular cigarettes, they are healthier. But not as healthy as giving up entirely. Or not starting.
They're not the only nictotine replacement available.

They are the only nicotine replacement sold from op-up shops without a medical professional in sight.
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