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Still, leather skirt eh? phwooaaar. Why not just put it in the sidebar and have done with it?
Mail in full of shit shocker!

Meghan Markle Claims Mail Suppressed Key Parts of her Letter to her Father About his 'Exploitation by UK Tabloid Media'

Byline Investigates
24 October 2019 ... oid-media/
Doesn't the Queen deserve better? RICHARD KAY examines Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baffling decision not to spend Archie's first Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham ... amily.html

Why the fuck do they care so much? Why does it matter to them? If the Queen isn't happy with a decision her grandson is making then she'll be the one to tell him and it's between them. It's got absolutely fuck all to do with some curtain twitching busybody tabloid journalist and their deranged readers.

Chrissy2345, Bristol, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
She won't be around after a few years Harry will regret it once she's gone. He's totally blinded by his wife
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EtMoi, Betwixtandbetween, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
I am sorry to say that this couple are a disgrace to the Royal Family.
7500 -498
eveCanada, Vancouver, Canada, 11 hours ago
I seriously don't believe that they will be missed by anyone. The embarrassment they have caused should not be overlooked. Perhaps they were not even invited.
+5019 -149
Mrs BBV, West Midlands, 11 hours ago
We all deserve better than this self absorbed, whinging, narcissistic pair.
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The Crown's Olivia Colman slams 'evil' treatment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as she blames the media for 'being mean to them' ... -mean.html

The tabloids certainly aren't going to let her get away with that...

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:lol: :lol: Fucking pathetic.
PIERS MORGAN: If Harry and Meghan don't want negative press, they should stop behaving like whiny spoiled brats and do their damn duty - and they can start by spending Christmas with the Queen ... brats.html

Same old tired bullshit. Won't even bother with the comments.

His unhealthy obsession has been highlighted on Twitter:

EJYRydDWwAIwb8j.jpg (139.31 KiB) Viewed 2436 times
It boosts the old morale when people fight back against the press. Sometimes they pick a fight with people who they will not beat, and end up with permanent scars, as The S*n deservedly got from the city of Liverpool, following Hillsborough. This perhaps won't be on the same scale, but nevertheless, it's enjoyable seeing some of the punches they've thrown in this case being returned. The press draw first blood, always. Good on anyone who fights back.
In the case of Hillsborough, it laid bare the lie that the press is always on the side of the little guy against the system.

You might call it balance, you might call it cynicism; but at the heart of most tabloid journalism is not quite a paradox, but certainly a conundrum:

1. Don't make the punter look stupid.
2. But yeah, make them look stupid.
It's late enough at night for me to propose the systematic destruction of personal empathy embodied in the Sun is partly responsible for the punters not being able to see themselves in the firing line, even when the target is ninety percent identical. A feedback loop of the worst kind.
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