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By Watchman
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I don't know if its just wishful thinking, or just down to their excitement/dead cat of Andrew Windsor's exploits, but to me The Mail seems to be loosing a bit of heart around the GE
By youngian
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Seen a clip of the leader’s debate in which neither Corbyn or Johnson seem to understand the difference between trade deals on products and services agreements (which is relevant to the NHS not FTAs). As the UK is 80% a services economy this is not good. If the rest was as bad as that I’d declare Jo Swinson the winner and I don’t like her or her politics very much and she didn’t even take part.
By The Red Arrow
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Apparently, Dawn Butler did well in explaining Corbyn's stance on breakfast tv.

"Get Brext done" fast becoming the new "Strong and stable".

I'm thinking that an overdue revulsion at Tory curruption, lies, stunts and attitude is coming into play outside of the echo chambers. However, a not fit for purpose electoral system is, to me at least, right up there with the NHS, education and social housing as something that needs a drastic overhaul, and is going to cost the country dear until sorted.

I see YouGov got called out for a somewhat premature result last night, too.
By KevS
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I was thinking "dither and delay" was this year's "strong and stable".

Also, I suspect this Twitter business was a pre-emptive dead cat by CCHQ, just in case Johnson was a complete and utter unmitigated disaster.

If he had been and Jez had taken him to the cleaners, everyone would be talking about the Twitter thing instead. As they are today.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I'm sure it's already been discussed at length but Corbyn clearly won that hands down. As somebody who would still never vote for him, he was decent and had done his homework. Somewhat witty, too, on one or two occasions.

(Did you hear the cunts groaning and saying "oh here we go" when he mentioned poor people? Unbelievable.)

As for for Boris, performances like the ones he's been putting in recently makes you wonder why he was ever consider a good speaker/performer/charismatic. He's gone through his whole career protected by the press and playing up to the gallery but now that he's actually having to face genuine questions and criticism he is utterly fucking useless. He's managed to trade on the 'lovable buffoon' bullshit for far longer than he should have but I feel that has most definitely come to an abrupt end.
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By youngian
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:25 am
Jez did well. The Brexit position is such a gift to Johnson though. And he should have pointed out that Johnson's deal has no impact assessment.

There's many open goals Corbyn could have scored but its all above his pay grade. As most Brexiters aren't going to vote for Corbyn I don't see Johnson has much to gain by pressing Corbyn on his ambiguity.
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