Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Arrowhead
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Can’t say I have all that much sympathy for the SNP since, for obvious reasons, they are not a nationwide party. Seems a bit rough on the LD’s, however.

Either way, I still won’t be watching. I’ve got far more constructive things to do with my time than watching Johnson & Corbyn flinging custard pies at one another for a couple of hours. The mere sight of Johnson makes me want to stick my foot through the television screen.
By Kreuzberger
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Head Girl, for it is she, is not covering herself in glory. I get a real sense that she would be better carping from the sidelines, rather than wade in to waters which are demostrably too deep for her. Besides, her having a mare will leave the field clear for the Spaffmeister, unless Corbyn decides to bawl out a production assistant.

All of these things remain viable possibilities.
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