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By spoonman
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Once again, if an incumbent political party in another country did this or a similar stunt during an election campaign, the usual hacks and Tory drones & bedfellows would regard them as being bent & corrupt, and that you can't trust these dodgy foreigners etc. meaning we're much better leaving the EU and so on...

If this happened 10 years ago, and especially if anyone but the Tories tried such a stunt, the fallout would be deafening. Nowadays, hardly anyone seems to care. It's as if "sure, they're all corrupt anyway".

The UK is well on its way to becoming a Banana Repu... erm, Banana Monarchy.
By Samanfur
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The EU has waded in, with more of that toss that Dominic Raab said this morning that nobody gives:
But the damage has been done. Brexit coordinator for the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt called it “dystopian” and claimed that not even Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, or Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party – who have both been accusing of undermining democracy in their own nations – would go as far as the Conservatives did.
By youngian
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Really? I know Raab's a loathsome reptile but that's never prevented Tories from retaining their seats. He was elected on 58.6% to Labour's 19.7% and LDs 17.3%.

I do know Lucy Fraser is panicking in SE Cambs and the party machine are leaning on some independent Kipper nutter to stand down. Its a bit of an outlier due to Tory Remainers being more committed than the national average. Or am I wrong about that given the Raab story?
https://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/camb ... -1-6378721
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