Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Boiler wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:15 pm
Electrifying the whole of the UK's railways in fifteen years? That just won't happen.

Still, when you're never going to get in power you can promise the moon on a stick.
Would be wasteful too. Plenty of perfectly good diesel units would have to be retired. If you're going to justify it in "green" terms, then there's going to be plenty of other things you can do with the money.
By bluebellnutter
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There's absolutely a case for electrifying all long-distance routes in the UK (e.g. London to Plymouth & Swansea, London to Birmingham via. Banbury, London to Sheffield via. Leicester, London to Exeter via. Salisbury, Edinburgh to Aberdeen / Inverness) but a lot more benefit would be seen by electrification in-fill projects linking up electrified networks already in existence (e.g. Reading to Basingstoke, Hastings to Ashford, Reigate to Reading). These would cost a fraction of the price but create massive benefits and possibly open up new routes.
By Boiler
One useful infill route scheduled for electrification - cancelled by the Tories, of course - was Ely to Peterborough. That would, with gauging checks, open up a diversion path for part of the ECML between Peterborough and Hitchin notorious for de-wiring itself.
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By Abernathy
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I've decided I don't like the way Jo Swinson speaks. She seems to be trying to adulterate her natural Scottish accent somehow and ends up sounding like a very strange hybrid of Miss Jean Brodie and Anne Widdecombe. Just compare it to wee Nic Sturgeon's perfectly natural, relaxed, and clear Scots accent.
By Arrowhead
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My Mum, who I am gently trying to coax into voting Lib Dem at the election (I'll be voting Labour, but she wouldn't touch them with a barge pole even if Blair was back in charge) told me the other day that she can't stand how Swinson talks. Nothing to do with the accent apparently, just an unfortunate tendency make it sound like she is berating whoever she happens to be speaking to. I suppose Swinson does give the impression of being locked in some sort of permanent state of outrage (in fairness, with good reason given the current political outlook).
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Mrs A and I have remarked that Swinson needs a decent voice coach - she speaks from her upper chest and not her diaphragm, so it is less controlled, shriller and more likely to squeak as she runs out of breath. Basic stuff, one would think.
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