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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Corbyn makes a pledge: "RUBBISH! LIES! IGNORE HIM"

Boris makes a pledge: "Oh wow. That's absolutely brilliant. What a great guy"

THE SUN SAYS Anything but a Conservative majority will see power handed to extremist madman Jeremy Corbyn

A WEEK today we can elect a Government that in its first 100 days will finally get Brexit done and start improving lives in a way Theresa May’s never did.

A Boris Johnson majority will pass his ready-made exit deal. Then it will unveil a tax-cutting Budget containing major new funding for the NHS and schools alongside tough new laws to tackle crime and terrorism, protect our Forces and control immigration.

A sound plan that secures our standing on the world stage and protects our economy while offering radical improvements for “left-behind” communities.

Consider the alternative: A Marxist-run coalition with Corbyn in No10, an anti-capitalist Chancellor in No11 and a homeless family at Chequers, as per Corbyn’s virtue-signalling instructions.

Instant economic woe as investment flees, taking jobs and taxes with it. Then years of hideous division, with second referendums on Brexit and Scotland.

Tory Remainers voting Lib Dem will have helped install a hard-left PM who considers Nato a wicked instrument for the “military reoccupation of Europe”.

Alongside him a Communist adviser who believes the Berlin Wall’s fall was a “historic setback for human progress” and a chief aide who thinks Stalin’s millions of victims died in a good cause.

Without even passing laws they would make enemies of our global allies — and friends of the Kremlin and Hamas.

They would be led by a PM unable even to tell the truth about watching the Queen’s Speech. A man even leftie bible the New Statesman refuses to endorse.

Anything but a Tory majority will see the SNP and Lib Dems, to their eternal shame, handing power to these extremist madmen.

Zero Marx

LABOUR’S campaign of “lies, damned lies and statistics” is in tatters.

The idea anyone will be £6,700 a year better off under them is the mirror image of the truth. It’s not just that every costing is so fatally flawed we wonder if Diane Abbott did the sums.

It’s that a Marxist-led Government inevitably means industrial carnage and mass unemployment far beyond the experience of Corbyn’s millennial fans.

Meanwhile Labour still pretends “austerity killed 120,000” long after it was debunked. It falsely claims violent crime doubled due to Tory cuts.

It knows the NHS won’t be “sold” but Corbyn says it anyway, using documents possibly obtained by Russian hackers.

Labour has plumbed dark depths of deceit in this campaign. And it’s not over.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun feel extremely strongly about discrimination these days and are rightly outraged by the Labour antisemitism scandal so I'm sure any day now they'll be taking a look at racism and Islamophobia in the Tory party...

THE SUN SAYS Labour anti-Semitism dossier exposes a broken party rife with hatred from top to bottom

SO much for the Jeremy Corbyn fans who claim the anti-Semitism scandal was invented to damage Labour. That shameful lie has finally been shredded.

Corbyn is personally accused of nine offences against Jews in explosive testimony by 70 current or ex-Labour officials.

They have exposed a broken party, rife with hatred from top to bottom, keener to cover it up than extinguish it.

Labour “is no longer a safe space for Jewish people or those who stand up against anti-Semitism”, the Jewish Labour Movement tells the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Imagine Jews’ terror next Friday if Corbyn takes power, leading an institutionally racist Government. Yet millions of people still intend to vote Labour, mistaking it for a party opposed to bigotry.

In reality it is a cesspit of middle-class hypocrites posing as “kinder, gentler” people while guilty of unspeakable prejudice — and as champions of a working-class they hold in contempt.

Can the SNP and Lib Dems, in all conscience, put these people in power?

Farage folly

WE hope the Brexit Party MEPs now endorsing the Tories are not too late to stop Nigel Farage’s folly sabotaging Brexit.

Their argument is unassailable: Their party is taking two votes from the Tories for each from Labour. That is madness when only Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit and Mr Farage endorses his deal.

Mr Farage insists he is solely taking Labour voters. That’s not what polls say.

Nor do his actions elsewhere make sense. The Brexit Party is still standing in Liberal-Tory marginals where it can only take Leave voters from Boris.

And it is clearly preventing the Tories winning certain close races with Labour.

Mr Farage will still get due credit for Brexit if he instructs more of his tribe to back the Tories.

But if Boris ends up short, Brexit will be lost and Mr Farage’s life’s work with it.

The tech giants talk a good game about cleaning up their act. A new Government must force them to get round to it.
The British tabloids talk a good game about cleaning up their act. A new Government must force them to get round to it and implement Leveson 2.

Vile videos

IT beggars belief that YouTube is still hosting the hate-filled speeches which inspired London Bridge monster Usman Khan.

Parent company Google only deleted them when a reporter flagged them up.

YouTube claims its zeal for removing extremism is “unwavering”. Nonsense.

It acts rapidly to block porn, or content breaching some rich star’s copyright. But it apparently lacks the ability or will to block speeches by Anwar al-Awlaki, who inspires slaughter.

YouTube isn’t alone in spreading evil.

Facebook enables nearly half of all child sex crime online. And its plans to encrypt Messenger will make it a “one-stop grooming shop”, the NSPCC says.

The tech giants talk a good game about cleaning up their act. A new Government must force them to get round to it.
By The Red Arrow
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The website lists @mattfrei and @jonsnowC4 - I can see a massive libel action from this

The "former intelligence officers" who worked on the project were actually one bloke... real name Mark Whitcombe-Power.. retired from army 30+ years ago.. runs a truck accessories business and an olive farm on the Cote d'azur Deeply embarrassing for everyone involved
By Kreuzberger
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Bones McCoy wrote:
Sat Dec 07, 2019 7:46 pm
Fark that, another one's failed.
Time to get Zinoviev out the freezer.
With the polls narrowing? Yup, that looks like a distinct possibility.
By The Red Arrow
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You bet can your arse on it!

Media currently trying to imply Russian interference on Corbyn's behalf, re leaked report he's quoting, conveniently ignoring the report in question was lapped up by the Torygraph yonks ago. No mention of Johnson's fat arse sitting on a certain report, of course. 'Twas leading ITN News this evening. Far worse to come, my lovelies, brace yourselves.

Edit: Here we go - some interesting observations and links.

By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS If Boris Johnson wins today, a bright future begins… but if Jeremy Corbyn gets in, the lights will go out for good

SUN readers must help save Brexit, and Britain, from the horror of a Corbyn-led Marxist Government.

It is vital you go out, whatever the weather, and vote Tory.

You may never have done so before. But it has NEVER been more important. The stakes have never been this high.

You can back Boris Johnson — who makes a direct plea to Sun readers — to secure Brexit by January 31 and steer us into a bright new decade as a prosperous and independent nation outside the EU.

If you don’t, or if you stay at home, you risk handing power to Jeremy Corbyn’s extremists, who will reverse Brexit and return us to the industrial carnage of the bleak 1970s which his union paymasters consider a golden age.

Back in 1992 The Sun’s famous “lightbulb” front page (pictured) warned of the nightmare of a Neil Kinnock Labour Government.

That would have been a picnic compared with a Corbyn regime which threatens to drag our great country into a terrifying and dark new era.

Imagine you wake tomorrow to find Jeremy Corbyn, even in defeat, somehow cobbling together a Government in which the Scottish Nationalists and Lib Dems call the shots.

Imagine this appalling Remainer pact drafting a new, rigged Brexit referendum and another hideously divisive Scottish independence vote.

Imagine them radically altering the voting rules to ensure hard-Left power for a generation.

Imagine that the Pound has already crashed, hundreds of billions are being pulled out of the country and our global allies are making contingency plans to freeze out our new Marxist Prime Minister, considered a national security risk not just by them but by his own health secretary.

This is not some scare story The Sun has invented. It is inevitable if Boris Johnson has agonisingly too few seats for a working majority.

As the economy begins its rapid descent into ruin, with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs — maybe including yours — imagine how you will feel if you didn’t go out and vote to prevent it.

The Sun has warned for years how dangerous Corbyn, his creepy shadow chancellor John McDonnell and their Communist aides are.

We highlighted how they backed the IRA while it was executing our soldiers and civilians. How Corbyn considers Arab terrorists “friends” while loathing the West and our No1 ally America in particular.

We told how his anti-Semitism had drawn Jew-hating bigots to his party like flies to a cesspit and led to Labour becoming only the second party after the fascist BNP to be probed for racism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

We described how he and McDonnell revel in left-wing thuggery and foster a vicious hatred of opponents, exemplified by their repulsive social media trolls and the flashmobs that publicly vilify and intimidate Tories.

They have created a party of hypocrites and liars for whom no fabrication is too big if it damages the Tories they detest. A party which built an election campaign around a monstrous falsehood about the Tories “selling the NHS” to Trump.

Corbyn was a joke once. Now, with this election as tight as it is, he is on the brink of power. It should terrify every sane person in Britain. It is shocking that it does not. It is profoundly depressing to see people supposedly opposed to racism give Labour’s anti-Semitism a free pass as if it is a “lesser” prejudice, even a socially acceptable one. Tell that to terrified British Jews, resigned to emigrating to escape Corbyn. Or to the 15 former Labour MPs who yesterday begged the public not to vote for their old boss for precisely this reason.

What has our country become that such a toxic, dangerous party could be within a mile of power? A party which derives its energy from grievance and hate? What has happened to our education system that the insane high-tax, business-destroying economics of Corbyn and McDonnell, which have brought ruin everywhere they have been applied, are discussed as a serious possibility? That despite mass starvation in Venezuela, which Corbyn held up as his model, his young fans still believe the same system is worth a go?

The answer is austerity and its successful weaponisation by a Labour Party relying on voters forgetting why it was necessary. Well, here’s a reminder: In 2010 the global financial crisis and Labour’s scandalous over-spending left us heading for bankruptcy. Labour was borrowing nearly £3billion a WEEK and left incoming Tories a snarky note: “Dear Chief Secretary. I’m afraid there is no money.”

They thought it was FUNNY. The cost was nine long years of cuts, vital to get our finances back in order. These are now presented as a cruel Tory “choice”. That is nonsense. They had no alternative.

But, yes, public services have struggled. The NHS is short-staffed and cannot keep pace with an older, sicker and rapidly expanding population. Police cuts have hurt the fight against crime.

Homes are far too expensive for young people, particularly in the South. Many of those don’t recall Labour’s financial disaster. They just want change and an economic stake in society. But they and too many others who will vote Labour because they are sick of “Tory cuts” forget why they happened:

Labour wrecked the economy. The Tories had to fix it.

Boris is a different Tory, unafraid to spend big to pump life back into “left-behind” communities.

His economic programme is far more lavish than that of Theresa May or David Cameron. He will plough billions more into the NHS, police, schools and new infrastructure projects. He has a zeal to regenerate regions that fell behind as London flourished. Mrs May talked about it. Boris will do it.

And, yes, a Tory majority WILL deliver Brexit on January 31. But you are going to have to vote for it.

Too many think they voted for Brexit once, it didn’t happen and they can’t be bothered voting any more. That all politicians are liars, so why trust any? Or that Nigel Farage has promised to deliver Brexit too, so you’ll vote for him.

These would be disastrous errors.

Farage’s party will not win seats. A vote for his Brexit Party is one lost to the Tories, as several Farage candidates have now admitted.

And if you’re a Remainer Tory who dislikes Boris, a vote for the Lib-Dems is not a “free hit”. It’s a vote for chaos, from which Corbyn is almost certain to emerge as PM.

The stark reality is Britain cannot afford for Boris to fall short.

By Andy McDandy
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The Sun, which once described the pound crashing on the Tories' watch as a good thing, because "shares are more affordable".
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Thu Dec 12, 2019 1:51 pm
The Sun, which once described the pound crashing on the Tories' watch as a good thing, because "shares are more affordable".


Exactly what I thought. They had a whole article today about how terrible it is that the sterling could fall if Corbyn gets in.

It's been in fucking free-fall since Brexit and The Sun have been trying to tell us that's a good thing!

They have such faith in the fact their readers are fucking thick.
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