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She'll make a good shadow cabinet member, but not sure she was (or possibly ever will be) ready for leader. Disappointingly, she also played the "we need a female leader" card first as well, doubtless in an attempt to guilt trip some backers to endorse her.

And it's true, Labour does need a female leader. But in the current most likely run-off, the fact RLB is a woman shouldn't outweigh any of the far more considerable drawbacks of elevating someone who would be a mediocre backbencher were it not for circumstances they were little to do with, groomed to take over based on loyalties and quite clearly not talent.
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Got my card through this morning, but I'm ineligible to attend/vote (accounts vary) at the AGM next Monday, which will also decide on the CLP nomination. But I've got the vote that counts.
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Looks like Mrs Overall has failed to get out of the starting gate.

By Boiler
Now confirmed.

In a way I'm pleased - the "Gobby Brummie" shtick wouldn't wash with much of the electorate and for now, she remains too divisive a figure within the PLP.
Emily Thornberry has netted her first two CLP nominations, which leaves the current numbers at:

Keir Starmer 12
Rebecca Long-Bailey 4
Emily Thornberry 2

For the deputy leadership election, the numbers are currently:

Angela Rayner 11
Richard Burgon 2
Dawn Butler 2
Ian Murray 2
Rosena Allin-Khan 1
This method of electing the Leader and Deputy Leader is really cumbersome and drawn out. The Tories had theirs done and dusted in little over six weeks while there's still nearly five weeks to go until Labour members even start voting.
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By Boiler
Currently, this would appear to be heading towards a Starmer/Rayner partnership ("Shut it Boris, or I'll set Ange on you. And you won't like her when she's angry." :lol: ). Personally, I'm delighted with that.

All to play for with the members though...
It’s not exactly a secret I don’t want RLB to get in, but politics, personality and ability aside, that is a *terrible* choice of logo & slogan. Arrows going sideways, not up (is that the path? If so, which one is it? The top one or the bottom one?) One letter as part of the frame (is her name Ong-Bailey? Because that’s what it looks like!). And just ‘power’ as the end goal. Not doing anything better. Nothing inspirational. Not getting it by doing something different. Just ‘power’.

Poor font as well, and hard to read for anyone with visual/spatial issues as it’s in sans-serif italic. Still, points for not using comic sans I suppose.
Don't always agree with this bloke, but he's got a point here.

It also doesn't say much about RLB or her opinion of her followers that she's taken this approach. Surely, "I worked for the NHS, it wasn't my decision, I didn't agree, but that comes with the territory in the civil service" would be better?
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