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By spoonman
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Boiler wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:00 pm
I suppose GPS will replace Droitwich as a frequency reference when its filaments glow no more.

The biggest foul-up in recent broadcasting history was that fucking shopkeeper's daughter removing the public service requirement from ITV franchisees. Out of interest, has anyone watched any of PBS America's output on Freeview? It's on an HD mux I can't receive :(
PBS America is now on one of the main commercial multiplexes (COM6 or Arqiva B, IIRC) though it's only between 1pm to 11pm I think. The two HD muxes, including one that PBS America was originally on, are pretty much on death row now, about two years max left for them depending on whatever mobile operator gets certain frequencies at the eventual 700 MHz auction.

As for Droitwich, if GPS isn't an option then either the "Time from NPL" (formerly MSF Rugby) at Althorn could be used as a frequency reference I guess, could even use DCF77 but don't tell the Brexiteers that! Word on the ground is that in Britain the installation of electrical smart metres is **years** behind schedule, and that the timing data riding on the 198 kHz carrier might be required for some time to come yet, could end up like in France where TDF on 162 kHz is just soaking up loads of electrical power to keep public clocks running in the country.

(Funnily enough there are no plans to introduce electric "smart metres" in NI - the prepaid metre I have is linked directly into the distribution board, so presumably the data travels on the electrical grid lines).
By Andy McDandy
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The BBC music radio stations play a much wider range of music than any comparable commercial station. Plus they have no advertising. Of all people, Chris Evans nailed it when he said that every new "Rock FM" goes the same way. Launch in a blaze of publicity, promise "wall to wall music, no filler", then after a couple of months the accountants come in, pare back the playlist to a set core, and swamp the airtime with advertising.

Jeremy Whine aside, I'm quite happy with Radio 2. The work they do promoting new artists isn't something you see Heart FM doing.
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By The Red Arrow
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Might surprise some of you groovers to know that Radio 3 is quite often my TV channel of choice, which speaks volumes about the commercial alternatives with their new-fangled moving pictures. Well, the barbarians are at the gates - I'll miss it bigly if it goes.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Brexit stamps are back again and if anyone had any doubt that Boris is pandering to Right wing rags...

First class, PM

WE are delighted Boris is pushing the Royal Mail to agree to the Brexit stamps The Sun has campaigned for.

Of course our EU exit is controversial. But it is impossible to pretend it’s not a historic event worth commemorating.

If Remainers don’t want them, there are plenty more stamps.

Jane Moore of The Sun has always been pretty thick. Here she demonstrates that when she tries to mock Lily Allen when a joke goes completely and utterly over her head:

Lily Fox hunt's a bit rich

SHORTLY after actor Laurence Fox’s sterling, anti-PC performance on Question Time last week, he was predictably hosed down on Twitter by the usual virtue-signalling suspects.

Including this from singer Lily Allen.

“Sick to death of luvvies like a (sic) Lawrence Fox going on TV and forcing their opinions on everybody else, when he’ll never have to deal with what normal people have to deal with in his gated community.

“Stick to acting mate. Instead of ranting about things you don’t know anything about.”

Lily, for those in blissful ignorance, is a former public school girl fond of forcing her opinions on everyone else from the comfort of, among other locations, her former mansion in the Cotswolds which, according to Vogue, was: “Hidden away down a deliciously long drive.”

That, folks, is what they call irony.

Or should we now call it Alleny?

She was mocking people like you, Jane, you fucking dullard.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Any mention of Zac Goldsmith? No? Fuck off then.

THE SUN SAYS John Bercow’s peerage must be blocked and if he’s found guilty of alleged bullying his seat should be stripped

JOHN Bercow’s peerage must now be halted.

The Lords has too many reprobates and failures already. And the ex-Speaker faces two fresh bullying allegations.

If he’s found guilty, the Lords Appointments Commission must strip him of the seat the witless Corbyn gave him.

Previous probes into Bercow’s conduct were blocked — and Labour MPs disgracefully kept him in office solely to help thwart Brexit.

He failed there too, and now there is no hiding place.

As David Leakey, former Black Rod, says: “If Bercow is elevated to the Lords it would be a scandal Parliament would struggle to live down.” Quite.

But it holds true too for other Corbyn nominees.

The vile Tom Watson, who destroyed lives spreading a paedo’s lies, then lobbied the CPS to chase a false rape claim about Lord Brittan as he fought cancer.

And Corbyn aide Karie Murphy, whose role in Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal is being probed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

How are any of them fit for the Lords? And why did Corbyn nominate them . . .

Except as a petulant one-fingered salute to the Leave voters who ditched Labour?

Terror clamp

WE like the sound of Jonathan Hall, the QC reviewing our anti-terror laws.

Some jihadi brides, he says, should be treated just as harshly as the IS savages they married. He’s absolutely right.

The liberal-Left portrays them as poor, easily duped young girls.

Yet some at the very least cheered on IS as it slaughtered innocents. They must face justice.

We need tougher laws to nail these terrorists sneaking back to Britain or already on our streets. Mr Hall sounds like the man to draft them.

Coupled with new minimum 14 year jail terms for serious offenders, and an end to their automatic early release, we may finally turn a corner in the war against home-grown terror.

And about time too.

Cheeky Nandy’s

YOU know Labour is hopelessly lost when its members rate Corbyn their best-ever leader despite his toxicity inflicting on them their most catastrophic defeat.

And when leadership wannabes think they have to talk up the nasty old fool.

Even Lisa Nandy, supposed “soft Left” candidate, voices her support while ludicrously attacking New Labour as a penny-pinching Thatcher tribute act. New Labour, which emptied the coffers and left us borrowing £3billion a week.

But Nandy does like an each-way bet on every argument.

She “respects” the Brexit decision but also voted to stop it and backs free movement.

She quit Corbyn’s frontbench and admits he terrified voters — but also talks him up.

And yet, against a Corbynite robot and two rich, smug Islington Remoaners, she may be Labour’s best chance.
By Dan
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#596289 ... -sun-says/

I actually agree with the general consensus here, to be fair. It looks like she has been treated appallingly, branded a liar and not received any kind of due process. It looks like the Cypriot system do have a lot to answer for.

We don’t believe it’s at all likely that a woman would consent to sex with a dozen strangers. And if you accept that, then it’s crystal clear this young woman has been the victim of a shocking and preventable miscarriage of justice.
Here we go again. Denying orgies and gang bangs exists are completely counterproductive. As said before, just part of their puritanical view on female sexuality.
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