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By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:51 am
Apart from her name Elizabeth Murdoch‘s CV for the BBC top job isn’t bad.
In a world where that name does all the heavy lifting...
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By Samanfur
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Not a hoax. The thread contains a link to the production company.

Didn't they have an entire season on this a few years ago?

It was about as nuanced as you'd expect - more like poking the inmates at Bedlam with sticks than documentary.

This looks more like a blatant dog whistle. I don't doubt that the lady from QT has already been offered a seat on the panel, following her successful screen test.

There're discussions to be had. But I don't trust today's BBC to have them responsibly.
By Kreuzberger
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"We are being played". Anyone who scoffs at this might like to square their shoulder-shruggery with the first six months of 2016.

Have Cambridge Analytica disappeared without a trace - along with their data scientists who Cummings is publicly encouraging to come on board, - plus their methodologies, their databases, and their software? You know, the kit and caboodle which the Electoral Commission would not touch with a barge-pole for what seemed like an eternity after the allegations of industrial-scale fraud began to surface?

Not a bit of it. There is unlimited cash to be made from people who have it in their gift to print money, literally.

Fours years later and the technology has progressed beyond measure. In electoral terms, the goal remains the same - win by one vote. In the context of acceptable policy, the picture becomes woollier but no less finely defined. Apathy is ambivalence. The path towards creating either of these is a process rather than a sudden, spontaneous, Damascene conversion.

Where I am going with this, is that there is now plenty of circumstantial evidence to suggest that there is a concerted move to diminish opposition to dismantling the BBC.

Good men and women are being encouraged to stand aside. That is when the bad shit happens.
By Boiler
Fuck. Me. Ragged.


The trouble is, it is increasingly hard to defend the BBC because it is very hard to separate its news operation in the minds of people from the rest of it. At a minimum, QT should be binned (Any Questions is far more civilised) and Fiona Bruce should stick to telling nice middle class people how much their family heirlooms are worth on Sunday teatimes.

It would be nice to see the Beeb make its 100th anniversary in November 2022. How much longer it will last after that is another matter but I have no doubt that a root-and-branch review (preferably by an outside body) of the News and Current Affairs Directorate is long overdue.
By Kreuzberger
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Interesting to see the row-back. That's a helluva schlep, all the way from the Danish capital with only Patti Hurst as your cox.

For context; I worked on the original tobacco advertising voluntary agreement, for which I have done my best to apologise, and I have a certain amount insight as to how these things work. Even without Big Data and targeted messaging, it is possible to war-game and then model how multi-variate messaging will play (or not) with carefully segmented audiences.

Why do you think that 15% of all adults still smoke, rising by some 30% amongst the key 25-34 age group? It's an inter-generational killing field.

Advertising and communication strategy works. It is why consumers cling to brands like O2, BMW, Braun, and L'Oréal, plus many more despite their transparent and inherent weaknesses.

Still, advertising doesn't impact upon me, eh?
By Bones McCoy
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But what if, a whole bunch of white people with no objections to multiculturalism flooded their applications.

"I through you said you couldn't talk about it".

"No, I consider it a non-issue with no need to constantly bang on about it".
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