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The Red Arrow wrote:
Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:14 pm
My first exposure to Gervais was when he used to inhabit a very sleazy/greasy tabloid journalist type character who held an unhealthy obsession with Charlotte Church, on C4's BIg Breakfast.
Mine was when he'd make occasional appearances on Channel 4's 11 o'clock show. Now, outside of Ali G there wasn't much to take from it and it was pretty disappointing in general (though Iain Lee has done OK on the radio presenter circuit) but I remember seeing Gervais once and I was thinking to myself "is he supposed to be funny?" I mean, I can accept that everyone has different ways of having their funny bone tickled, so to speak, from Stewart Lee to Larry David to Miranda Hart to (deep breath) Mrs Brown and plenty all in between, but I could never get what the appeal was concerning Ricky Gervais. Then, once The Office became a bit of a cult hit, he's been mostly living off that typecast since and added a major dose of arrogance & judgement. He's the type of man whom, even though quite a few people out there do think he's clever & funny, assumes that he is even more funnier & clever than what any one of them thinks he is.
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