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By Boiler
Nicked from the Twits: was this a real petition?


More to the point: my first passport, issued in 1987, was black. It was never blue - or do we have shibboleths of colour, like 'hunting pinks', or 'Stroudley's Improved Engine Green'?
By youngian
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I suspect the UK’s most experienced trade negotiators took redundancy rather than work for the people who put 40 years of their work on a bonfire.
“I think there are problems ahead for the UK,” he told BBC 5Live Politics. “One of them is the quality of the people now working on this. If you haven’t negotiated for 40 years you need to reach out to all those people that are involved in negotiations, really good transactional lawyers that exist in the City of London. Proper trade economists. We've got very good ones at the moment but we need to bring them in from outside.”

What’s a trade economist and what makes them proper? I’ve been in a room full of lawyers specialising in international contract law and my conclusion was a) You have to be a wizard to be on top of your game for this stuff. b) They had little grasp of geopolitics or international institutionalism that IDS is demanding because they didn’t need to. They’re arbitrators of existing international contract law which has little connection to the art of trade negotiations.
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By youngian
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Tue Feb 25, 2020 5:13 pm
It's o.k, groovers - ol' Brillo Head's going to 3D print those sunlit uplands and unicorn poop-scoops.

How does Neil know what they government thinks about 3D printing? He’s now a bag man for Downing Street or just making shit up to add authority for his corporate gig.
By The Red Arrow
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I have it on good authority that they refer to it as 'Monkey Island', and have done for some time. They certainly refer to the inhabitants as 'island monkeys'. No wonder when they consider who those inhabitants elect.
By Kreuzberger
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The bit I don't understand is why all those other counties are chasing their tails for trade deals when the answer is so simple.
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