Discussion of the UK Government
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:01 pm
Possibly not unrelated to donors, this seems a bit blatant...

Is safe cracking a skilled occupation?
Well, that depends. Several factors may well apply in Priti Vacant's vision of Neo Britannia...


I suspect Johnny wouldn't qualify as his origins appear to be a wee bit working class.
By oboogie
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No great surprise to Remainers, but good to have it confirmed that the government are happy to sacrifice UK agriculture and fishing in order to "get Brexit done".

"One of the Government's most senior officials has made the incendiary suggestion that Britain does not need its own farming industry.
In leaked emails obtained by The Mail on Sunday, powerful Treasury adviser Tim Leunig argues that the food sector is not 'critically important' to the economy – and that agriculture and fishery production 'certainly isn't'.
In his astonishing remarks – which comes as the UK prepares to enter crunch post-Brexit trade talks with Donald Trump – Dr Leunig implies that the UK could follow the example of Singapore 'which is rich without having its own agricultural sector'.
Dr Leunig is a long-standing colleague of Boris Johnson's No 10 enforcer Dominic Cummings, and his intervention exemplifies the radical thinking within Boris Johnson's inner circle against bastions of the Establishment such as the Civil Service and the BBC."

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... 2bZlGADTCA
By oboogie
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"Boris Johnson rejects EU demands to bind UK to European human rights laws
Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister's most senior adviser, has previously said the UK should quit the European Convention on Human Rights

Boris Johnson is preparing to reject EU demands to guarantee that the UK will continue to be bound by European human rights laws once the country becomes fully independent, The Telegraph can disclose.

This newspaper understands that British negotiators will refuse to accept proposed clauses in a post-Brexit trade agreement that would require the UK to remain signed up to the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) - leaving the door open to break away from the treaty as soon as next year."

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/20 ... an-rights/
By spoonman
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Well, the agriculture & fisheries idea sounds wonderful for a country that not long after the dawn of the Industrial Revolution has struggled to be self sufficient in food production to the point where at present it only produces enough food that is able to feed less than 60% of its resident population. Because of course there could be no events, either man made or otherwise, that could ever impede the free-flowing import of fresh food into the island of Britain.

And will I'm getting tired having to explain how the economies of the UK and Singapore are quite different from each other, it is worth pointing out that despite being effectively a city-state, Singapore actually does have a small agricultural industry and in recent years concerns have been raised about how vulnerable the food supply is there - they are relatively "food secure" at present in terms of general availability but are exposed to extreme weather events, potential sea level rises as a result of climate change, and also that they are especially reliant on imports. Indeed, there is a campaign to get Singapore to be able to produce at least 30% of its food by 2030 - presently it's only around 10%.

The price of everything, the value of fuck all (except for me and my cronies)

EDIT: And just to add on the ECHR - does the present British government really want to join Belarus & Kazakhstan as the only European countries to not be part of the ECHR? Talk about a one way street to becoming a pariah state...
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By Boiler
The ECHR stops the UK from reintroducing the Gammonista's wet dream - the death penalty.

Trust yer Uncle Boiler - that'll probably be in the 2024 manifesto and it'll be their winning policy for their next five year term (Sorry, Labour)
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By Andy McDandy
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Central to the drive against the "nanny state", political correctness, treaties, laws and all the rest of it is the belief that left alone, the stalwart Englishman will just naturally do the right thing. That racial slurs and other offensive words are as much a protest at being told what one cannot say, as they are an expression of true feelings. That breaking the law is more about defiance of faceless authority than about antisocial urges, more Robin Hood than Robbing Bastard. That left alone, society will "find its level". This of course is reflected in the "chocolate box history" I've previously decried, the "gentleman amateur" myth that can be seen everywhere from Sherlock Holmes to WW2 in popular perception, reactions to climate change and green living, and of course Brexit.

Any knowledge of history, politics, sociology or psychology will be enough to confirm that this is bollocks.
By Watchman
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Boiler wrote:
Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:02 am
The ECHR stops the UK from reintroducing the Gammonista's wet dream - the death penalty.

Trust yer Uncle Boiler - that'll probably be in the 2024 manifesto and it'll be their winning policy for their next five year term (Sorry, Labour)
I've always thought they'd bring back National Service first
By Andy McDandy
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Yes, and I've noticed that it's an ever increasing list of things they want to kill people for. It starts with murder and treason, then they'll throw in terrorism (of any kind, but as we'll see...), any sort of child abuse, any sort of sexual abuse (but again, with limits...), dangerous driving where a little kiddy got hit, and basically anything that's emotive and in the news.

Especially if the perpetrators are not white. So we're back to brown terrorists and white troubled loners.

What they want is to lynch. BAME people in fear, knowing their place. "You steal white man's car, you get white man's stick", as a character in the film "Scum" put it.
By Kreuzberger
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Staff to build and man the 40 new hospitals,
The 50,000 extra nurses,
The 20,000 cops,
50,000 extra customs officers,
500 battalions of fruit pickers.

I think we have found the perfect solution!
Watchman wrote:
Sun Mar 01, 2020 8:41 am
I've always thought they'd bring back National Service first
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