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By Kreuzberger
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That ship has both sailed and sunk. Nonetheless, 90-odd percent of those impacted will survive, be bused in to Stoke-On-Racist, and be broadcast on the BBC.

Just a bout of flu.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun appear to only really be interested in trying to protect Boris still.

Oh, and having the absolute fucking audacity to tell us all to support the NHS after spending years slagging it off and trying to get it privatised.

THE SUN SAYS We must trust our health service and back its magnificent and selfless staff

CURBS on our freedom, unprecedented in peacetime, are vital now that coronavirus is spreading rapidly. It is also crucial Britain unites behind them and respects them.

Boris Johnson has taken flak for not imposing such measures already. His critics should now back off.

All along he has followed the best advice of our foremost experts on ­epidemics. They said that would evolve as the situation worsened — and yesterday it was toughened dramatically.

National unity is key. We must take to heart the self-isolation and lockdowns — both for those already with symptoms and those without. Likewise the “advice” not to go to pubs, restaurants or cinemas.

Our lives will be very different for months. Britain will barely resemble the country we love. But we can all play our part in seeing off this catastrophe, minimising the disease’s spread and giving the NHS every chance to save lives.

The Sun will raise just one doubt:

It still seems inconsistent that families must avoid non-essential social contact, but continue packing the children off to school. We know the NHS would be hit hard if health workers stayed home to look after their kids. But a school skeleton staff could surely supervise them.

Only the wartime generation has experienced a crisis this grave. We have to put our faith politically in the newly elected government tasked with facing it down — and the experts around them.

Even more importantly we must trust our health service and back its magnificent and selfless staff. You can do that today by emailing or by using the form below. We’ll print your messages.

The NHS will need every ounce of support the nation can give, even if it just means dutifully staying put in our homes.

The Sun took a similar approach as Trump when this all started. Very much the "keep calm and carry on" attitude and practically sneering at "draconian measures" other countries took. Now they're desperately trying to pretend they've taken it seriously all along.
By Andy McDandy
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I hope people use that email address to tell the Sun what they think of them.

Meanwhile, "a school skeleton staff"? Are they fucking kidding? You try telling a thousand angry, bored, upset teenagers that they have to stay put with just a few lunchtime supervisors to keep them on the grounds.
By KevS
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One thing though. The wartime Government had Churchill, Attlee, Eden.

We've got Johnson, Raab. Patel.

Which is like comparing Shakespeare's Henry V to Mrs Brown's Boys.
By Bones McCoy
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davidjay wrote:
Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:24 pm
"Magnificent and selfless". A month ago they were cosseted public sector workers with cushy jobs for life and gold-plated pensions.
Funny how that happens when the shit gets real...

See also:

It's Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy fall be'ind.
But it's "Please to walk in front sir" when there's trouble in the wind.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s colossal bailout of Britain’s businesses is music to The Sun’s ears


THE SUN SAYS Chancellor Rishi Sunak needs to act today as coronavirus has put the economy into total meltdown

:roll: :roll:

Looks like in their desperation to protect Boris they're now going to turn on Sunak.

UNTIL now Chancellor Rishi Sunak hasn’t put a foot wrong. But his delay over bailing out Britain’s workers with hard cash is ­terrifying millions of people.

Some have already lost their jobs. Others must now give theirs up to look after their kids, with schools closing.

It may be hard for politicians to grasp, but many ordinary people have no savings to tide them over.

They are broke NOW. They need to feed themselves and their families NOW.

Not at the weekend. Not next week.

Even those not yet made redundant by this global economic collapse are petrified about how bad this could get.

The pub industry alone says hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost imminently without immediate help.

Other governments have stepped in. Why has ours been so slow?

Devising a new system to get tens of billions in lost wages into the right hands is complex. We get that.

We also think the “universal income” idea is an ill-considered and permanently ruinous fix.

But promises, and a temporary ban on evicting renters, won’t quell the fear.

This virus is not the fault of the workers, nor the Government whose draconian restrictions are sound.

But with the economy in total meltdown, only the Government now can get Britain paid.

Do it today, Rishi.

The Sun originally backed Boris' decision NOT to close schools. Another U-turn.
CLOSING schools was grimly inevitable but right. It always seemed odd to keep them open while telling everyone to stay home.
Class dismissed

CLOSING schools was grimly inevitable but right. It always seemed odd to keep them open while telling everyone to stay home.

The Government must fulfil its pledge to ensure kids on free school meals are fully funded to get fed.

We pay tribute to the NHS staff, delivery drivers and social carers whose often low-paid work is so essential that their children WILL still be looked after in school.

And our hearts go out to the teenagers whose GCSEs and A-levels will be postponed indefinitely.

This is an unprecedented nightmare, blighting their childhoods.

We can only help each other endure it.

Viral lies online

IMAGINE the evil of using a deadly ­pandemic to spread fake news furthering your political or commercial agenda.

It should no longer shock us after the Salisbury poisonings.

But Kremlin trolls are sowing panic online to undermine the West’s Covid-19 strategies.

Let’s remember that, next time our leaders have to make nice with Putin at the G20.

Meanwhile, conspiracy cranks say hand sanitiser causes cancer — and charlatans claim their “yoghurt suppositories” or vitamin pills “cure” the virus.

Where do they do this with near impunity? That’s right . . .

On Facebook, which talks such a good game about policing its site — but is always found wanting.
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