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‘a programme of rallies and publications, leaflets and conferences to be drawn’
This is, to some extent, all the hard left really want to do. Analyse, navel gaze, complain, write about how they're so clever and preach to the choir.

Which is precisely why Corbyn's seemingly well attended rallies never translated into votes. Yes, he could get a good crowd who were keen to hear him regurgitate the greatest hits. But they were the only people who he was ever going to get, and they were a drop in the ocean in the bigger picture - not a sign he was a beloved man of the people.
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By Oblomov
I look forward to the version of Oh Jeremy Corbyn played forlornly on a military bugle.
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By Boiler
The Rationalist wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:18 pm
When Tony Benn was asked what his chances were of winning he replied: ‘It depends what you mean by winning’

I believe it was an argument used by the Corbyn faction, m'lud.
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Tony Benn's reputation wouldn't exactly have been enhanced if he'd lived to play an active part in the Brexit Referendum, would it?

Had Labour narrowly won the 1992 election, as many expected them to, Kinnock would have had an even larger bunch of headbangers to deal with than Major did. 60 odd MPs couldn't even abstain on the Maastricht Treaty (John Smith's position, which allowed the treaty to be ratified despite their strong opposition to Major's social chapter opt out).
By Boiler
Labour leader rivals asked to film victory speech
Labour announced that its special conference on 4 April would be cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak. The winner of the leadership contest was due to be announced at the event.

It is understood party members will hear the result via email and the media.
At last.
Rebecca Long-Bailey said it was a move that was “trying to deal with these strange times” in the coronavirus outbreak.
She told Sky News that it will be “bizarre” to record a speech before knowing the result.
Oh don't worry, Rebecca. I'm pretty sure we know the result.
Should the new leader call for unity and move on or have a swift night of the long knives? If the ECHR report shows Corbyn to be complicit in protecting anti semitic thugs then remove the whip. Its not as if the world will pay any attention as this time.
Yup. Long knives for me.

It's like the Russians making sure they bumped off the entire Romanov clan at Yekaterinburg in 1917.

The revolutionaries couldn't risk some fucker popping up in the future and claiming to be the rightful heir to the imperial throne of Russia.

Same with the remnants of Corbyn's Cult.
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