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By Watchman
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Watchman wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:22 pm
Sorry, I'm not the most emotional person, but I've been really touched at the kindness people on this forum show to others. It's made me realize I'm not very good at that sort of thing
Like everyone else, too much time to think........I'm not totally heartless, anything to do with immediate family gets me going
By satnav
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Yesterday one of our elderly neighbours baked some scones and brought a few over for us so I decided to return the gesture by baking some of my own scones to share. Unfortunately it is a while since I've made scones so I had to google Mary Berry to get a recipe. Mary really should add a few warnings to her recipes. Just as I was about to start I realised the self raising flour was a year out of date fortunately I managed to find another pack that was still in date, always going well until it got to the point of cutting out the scones because I couldn't find the right cutter. In the end I compromised and made 6 big scones and 8 small scones. My final task was to try and find a couple of baking trays sadly it turned into a game of jenga with every tray in the cupboard tumbling out causing an almighty din while my wife was on a conference call with work.

Thankfully the scones all turned out fine within the next 12 weeks I will probably ready to apply to compete on the Great British Bake Off!
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By bluebellnutter
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Can't get a supermarket delivery for love nor money until the far side of Easter so might have to actually brave the shop next week.

Everyone fine in our world but I suspect someone at work has got it.
By Boiler
bluebellnutter wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:57 pm
Can't get a supermarket delivery for love nor money until the far side of Easter so might have to actually brave the shop next week.

Everyone fine in our world but I suspect someone at work has got it.
Something the Mail has reported on, with idiots scheduling DAILY deliveries apparently to get round purchasing restrictions. Certainly I have one scheduled delivery from Tesco a week today, but after that - who knows? I'm nervous when I'm merely outdoors and start to panic if I even walk to the boundary of the garden. ... -right-now
By slilley
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Been working from home for a week now. Trying to do stuff like i would if I were at work, so have lunch at same time, and a coffee at 10am stuff like that. Starting to get used to it now.

Guess we are in for the long haul.
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By mr angry manchester
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Strangely, I'm still working, classed as a key worker apparently, as we supply parts to Kwik fit who have a contract with the NHS and for pharmacy delivery vehicles.

We are on partial shut down from tomorrow though with a skeleton staff of five in,one of which is me.
By Oblomov
Morning all, still here though my sanity not be this time next week as I awoke to find a whopping great scaffold being constructed right outside my front door as the renovation upstairs now needs to include the roof as well.

I suspect I'll develop one of those associate memory ticks and a power drill will become my nails on a chalkboard.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Ob, morning all.

Still here and still well, but didn't sleep last night (largely due to sleeping yesterday afternoon) so I spent the time writing a guide to Flexible Learning Projects. Teacher-style so far, but I'll do a parent version. Brought a lot back, quite fun to do.

Have been in contact with Italian doctor again. He tells me that 29 Italian doctors have now died. He is doing phone consultations using a flowchart he got from the BMJ. Germany looking nasty. Given by the number of people driving past we won't avoid following them.

Still no bread, can't get a delivery. Apparently some people are booking 3 deliveries a week to get round rationing and just stockpiling. So the rest of us get nothing. I think they should be a) prevented from doing that, one delivery a week or 10 days, and b) named and shamed.
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By Oblomov
lambswool wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:29 am
That info about the 29 doctors dying is absolutely chilling.
As well as Spain losing almost 800 people overnight and their death toll has overtaken China's :(
By The Red Arrow
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'Morning groovers!

Just chilling before another day plays out. Pretty sure today's the day I'll win or lose the battle for the dining table. O.M.A's been muttering about breaking out a jigsaw. Better dump some kits and figurines on there to stake my claim. Maybe I could rearrange my bedroom and self-isolate up there. Still, if natural light and not getting on each other's tits is all I've got to worry about at the moment, I figure we're not doing too badly (edit: that's personally as opposed to nationally) in light of the above.

Plenty of food in, two months worth of prescription pills, all guitars clean and tuned, and enough plastic and paint to open my own model shop. Mustn't grumble.

Stay calm, stay safe, my lovelies.
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