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By The Red Arrow
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O.M.A finally won the getting-on-each-others-titsathon this morning. I retreated for a long power nap. Returned and made peace. Still smoking. Currently buggering about with a Braille-scale Airfix Hurricane and realising I need more assistance with failing eyesight than the last time I cracked open a bottle of liquid cement.

Stay sane, stay safe, groovers.
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By mr angry manchester
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I’m working on a Dapol 16 ton mineral wagon kit at the minute, Boiler will know what those are. BTW Arrer, I like to spray paint mine before assembly, thoughts?
By The Red Arrow
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I tend to work out interiors and inaccesable areas before assembly and brush paint. Can get away with murder on armoured vehicles by covering the running gear in shite, aircraft are a different discipline. Had an airbrush for years, never took to it - now might be a good time to try yet again. I use aerosols a fair bit. And floor polish. Got to be Johnson's Klear, though.
By MisterMuncher
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I done a spray-paint job. Not quite finished (crushed glass lacquer to go over the top, but it's pleasingly eye-hurting.

The kids masked her up for their favourite colours, so it's still a family affair.

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By Boiler
Morning all. Awake and dressed unusually early these days as I am awaiting my first Tesco delivery which, as I placed "in isolation" on, will be left at the front door (I hope).
By Oblomov
It was a bright cold day in April...

Morning Boiler, morning all. Another interrupted night's sleep and I've got a splitting earache out of nowhere (wax build up presumably). My new team leaders are happy with my contributions so far, but we have a the execs have scheduled country wide video conference for later this morning which is a bit ominous.

Started relearning Spanish as I imagine Valencia is gorgeous on mornings such as this. As well as most of Spain north of Madrid. Oblomova has involuntarily given up smoking (run out of cigarettes and I'm refusing to nip to the offie to get her any), our neighbourhood friend is suffering from a bad fever but nothing respiratory has appeared so far. I tried to sign up to our local neighbourhood page to run errands for those in need but am having IT problems.

Enjoy the day comrades!
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Ob, Morning all.

Well, it's a bit chilly here at Armsteen Towers. Kept myself warm with the kind of bum-blasters that even Abers would be impressed by, so up early. Tried, but failed, to get either Ocado or Sainsbury's deliveries organised, but I'm not too fussed as I can fall back on the ex-restaurant supply company (until they get overwhelmed).

Had our first Zoom governors' meeting last evening. Worked OK, in fact we got through a shortened agenda in just over an hour. Would have been less if one new governor hadn't wanted to make her point about every item, and she was utterly boring. Inappropriate in places, too - operational matters are for the head, not the GB.

We had a bit of a scare with Mrs A yesterday, coughing (she always does, this was more than usual) and feeling unwell, but a sleep and an hour in the garden sorted it out. Family all seem OK, and I've just written a guide to doing projects, a teacher version and a kids' version. Feels odd to be back in teacher mode...

Have a good day, all. Good luck with Tesco, Boiler.
By Boiler
Tesco duly pitched up just after nine. Worked as requested: my only gripe being "HOW MANY carrier bags?". Still, they'll be useful for refuse/bin liners etc.
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By The Red Arrow
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Morning, groovers!

Still awake following yesterday's improtu lengthy return to bed. Having hit the books, I know a shed load more about Hurricanes than I did a few hours ago. Almost back in the swing as far as wielding a paintbrush goes. O.M.A yet to surface. Teabag stock at an acceptable level. Good natural light pouring through windows, don't want to waste it.

Stay sensible, stay safe, my lovelies.
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By Boiler
I also discovered that I am useless doing shopping online :oops: Not having a fridge means the packet of ham I bought was somewhat larger than I hoped, and the bottle of fabric conditioner will last me the rest of the year. Of course, not having a fridge means the ham will be eaten over the course of the day; a completely unheated kitchen is helping and if the worst came to pass, putting food in a carrier bag and hanging it from the door handle outside overnight will make a passable fridge.
By Cyclist
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I called in the little shop on camp on my way home. I normally avoid it because it is (probably) the most expensive shop in the multiverse but, needs must when the devil drives, as they say.

I managed to get a quart of milk, a six-pack of Muller yoghurts and, Holy of Holies, a McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Cake!

Would have been a lot cheaper in Fortnum & Mason or Harrods, mind. Costcutter, my arse.
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By satnav
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Shopping at smaller local shops is definitely more expensive than the supermarket but on the other hand I don't think I put any petrol in the car for 3 weeks so I suppose it is case of swings and round about.

I started the Running Down dementia challenge today. I set my target a couple of weeks ago before he lockdown and stuck with trying to match my last years total which was 2500 km. With the lockdown I think this might be a bit ambitious but I've already run 20km and done 5km on the treadmill so if I can keep going at this rate until the end of August I should make my target.
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By Oblomov
Roofers working on my building just dropped an electric hand saw off the roof, should I tell my land lord? I'd hate to deprive any one of a wage in these Unprecedented Times (tm) but fuck me, that could've killed someone if social isolation wasn't keeping everyone indoors.
By Andy McDandy
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Another day passes, did my fortnightly Asda run today. Obviously social distancing means different things to different people. Lots of groups, lots of folk stopping to have a chat, despite all the warnings.

WFH going well. Library community pulling together really well to share online resources, lots of publishers have suspended copyright and made content public domain.
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