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By Bones McCoy
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Rather gloomy today, heard stuff on one of Dr McCoys high levels conference calls that I probably shouldn't.
Let's just say voices were raised.

Ignore the logistics claims from the daily government "gaslighting call", and listen to what front-line medics are saying.
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By Oblomov
satnav wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 9:46 am
I should have been boarding a plane to New York in a couple of hours but instead I will have to make do with a cinnamon and raisin bagel from the New York bagel company! Hopefully we will be able to reschedule for next June when my daughter has finished her exams with any luck Trump will no longer be president by then.
I feel for you. Yesterday we were meant to be flying to Cairo and today road tripping it down to Luxor for Oblomova's birthday. Instead, if we're lucky, it's going to be something from Deliveroo and the aforementioned caterpillar cake. I'm hoping there's gin somewhere in the cupboards.
By Boiler
Morning all. Woke up with pains in my stomach/chest, I think that's mostly due to the nightmare I was having before I really woke up and stopped it.

A bright and sunny day here, washing on the go in the machine.

Pissed off at emails from Banggood offering me facemasks: I am tempted to think "you bastards gave us this and now you want to profit from it?".
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By mattomac
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Keep getting the odd headache in the morning which passes or a bit of tiredness, I don't think it's any symptoms of the virus.

The more they talk about other symptoms though the more I do wonder if I have indeed had it quite a few weeks back. It would have been mild but it certainly does match it bar the breathing.
By slilley
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Managing to keep out of trouble. Went for an hour's walk yesterday clocking up about 3 miles. Longest I have managed since the lock down. Quite busy still with work, though will hear tomorrow or Tuesday about being furloughed or not. Managing to find railway hobby based things to do as well to keep busy.
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By bluebellnutter
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Me on Christmas Day: "Oh they're showing the 2019 cricket World Cup final in full, that's nice for cricket fans who have nothing better to do today."

Me today: "Ooh, they're showing the 2019 cricket World Cup final in full next Sunday. Obviously watching that."
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By Oblomov
Afternoon all.

Finally tackled the garden this morning, dead vegetation and the splintered cack from last week's roofing works swept up and bagged and rest of the area hosed down with the overgrown branches trimmed to respectable levels. Leaving it in the sun to dry out so rewarding ourselves with a Spanish tortilla, jamon, ice cold lemonade and Cuban salsa :D
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By Zuriblue
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Still here, safe and well (apart from gaining weight :( )

I'm having to take leave for the next couple of weeks (I've got a lot of leave and overtime) so I've been consulting the map to decide where to go


I've been planning out the connections

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By Boiler
The cupboard for me. Dark and peaceful.

All the Twatters are wailing "Vitamin D deficiency!" at the moment. "I MUST have sunshine, so I MUST go out!"

Worried about vitamin D? Buy a fucking supplement.
By Oblomov
Morning all,

Still mostly well despite this ear blockage not really shifting, I should have picked some drops up at the supermarket yesterday. Pleased to see that I've shed some more weight even with indulging on sweets more than I should. Hopefully I'll have the physique of a rake by the time I get back to calisthenics training again :lol:

It's Oblomova's birthday today so she is a little down to be waking up on a grey Monday morning that holds nothing but a video conference detailing how her project has ground to a halt. I've provided her with coffee and stroopwaffels to keep her cheery until tonight's grand reveal of the Colin The Caterpillar birthday cake :D
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Still here.

Some issues developing around mental health and depression, and I'm concerned at Mrs A for the same. We've been fully isolated for 22 days now. I must admit to becoming fearful.
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