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By Oblomov
Morning all, keeping on keeping on.

Did what I could for Oblomova's birthday last night, a jumbo crossword collection and a heartwarming tale of a chap who suddenly developed blindness and his guide dog. We ordered in a surprisingly decent Thai dinner (tipped the Deliveroo rider generously for working in current conditions) and presented her with the recently traditional caterpillar cake. Very far from our original plan of eating seafood on a boat in the Nile but she was content enough.
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By Snowflake
With tonight's blood red moon on the way, I think I would certainly be staying indoors if I wasn't already. Caught an early glimpse this morning and thought that looks pretty big.

Moderators everywhere on red alert.

By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Andy, morning everybody.

Still here, feeling OK but utterly spooked. Had breakfast in the garden, watching the birdies. The bushes have greened since I first went into isolation. I wonder if I will see the leaves on the trees.

Stay safe.
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