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By Andy McDandy
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Meanwhile, Angus McPlop reveals that he was paid to throw strings of tyres, knotted together, into Loch Ness by the Highland tourist board. Just before the summer season.
By Abernathy
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Here is a link to Davey Icke's video interview that You Tube and others have sensibly decided not to show (NB they have not "banned" it), in which he pontificates, at length, about how Covid 19 does not actually exist.

If you're in lockdown confinement and a tadge bored, you might want to try watching it as entertainment. However, I'm afraid I'm about 20 minutes in, and I'm having some difficulty in understanding what the fuck he is on about.

Covid 19 is just "genetic material", whatever the fuck that might be. But it's all the next move in "the Orwellian global fascist fascist regime" that is stealthily taking over all our lives. Eddie Large did not die from Covid 19.

Bonkers. Or not - actually cynical, evil, and motivated by wringing cash from the terminally gullible. The man is absolutely despicable. ... y-330pm-uk
By Snowflake
I can't say I follow Icke's ramblings, but I don't think PETA did the vegan cause a lot of good by trying to claim that coronavirus is an anagram of carnivorous.

Although it actually is.
By Andy McDandy
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In fairness, PETA don't do anyone any good. Including animals.

I once saw a description of them as the charity equivalent of the gang of girls in school who would start a student society that was just their excuse to write sneery notes about the kids they didn't like.
By Boiler
youngian wrote:
Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:01 pm
Where is this 5G tower crap emanating from? If they’re not antivaxxers or Brexiters pulling the towers down I’d be very surprised.
People like this:

To counter that weapons-grade bullshit: I'm not a fan of David L. Jones as to me he sounds like a grown-up version of Spongebob Squarepants and his style grates BUT - he is a real engineer and he does know his stuff.

Also, there's this.

By bluebellnutter
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The idea Coronavirus has been bought about by those pushing 5G is ridiculous.

Now if you told me the virus had been introduced by the people behind Zoom conferencing I'd 100% believe that. Nobody had heard of Zoom 6 weeks ago, and now...
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By The Rationalist
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So far as anti-vaxxers are concerned, there is a significant temptation to exclude them from accessing the Covid-19 vaccine when it comes! A quick data run through Twitter should identify plenty of candidates. If this crisis doesn't teach us the value of science and exposes the absurdity of armchair doctors and conspiracy theorists then nothing will.
By Catkins
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Not only do the 5G towers cause Covid19, they test them every week and to cover the noise do it during the 'clap for the NHS'.

Also, the planned vaccine has nanobots, in order to bring about mental slavery and a one-world government run by Bill Gates, and they also implant them in your brain during testing by hiding them on the end of the swab they stick up your nose.

Yes, these are genuine theories going around.
By Oblomov
As Blairite centrist tuna melt James O'Brien pointed out in a call with a telecoms bod a week or so ago, they haven't actually switched on the 5G yet :shock:
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