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By satnav
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Whilst Boris is clearly very unpopular at the moment until his appearances on Sunday and Monday he has been largely invisible since returning from illness. Government ministers have been appearing on TV every night and with plenty of assistance from the medical experts who flank them on the podiums they have looked almost competent.
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By KevS
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I saw someone make the point that Sunday and Monday was the first time Johnson had done two briefings on the spin since about the end of March.

Granted, for a large chunk of that he was ill, but it's telling that he can't do that as the death toll was rocketing up, but can do it to support Cummings.
By Abernathy
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Did anybody hear that Robert Jenryck character on the radio this morning?

He kept being asked (of course) about the Cummingsgate farrago, and kept insisting that we now needed to "move on". Not only that, but he kept insisting that "moving on" to discuss other, much more important things, was what the public wanted.

Another spattering of the kitchen tranny with half-masticated Weetabix, I'm afraid. What. A. Brazen. Cunt.

In my experience the voting public do not especially like some jumped-up arrogant little shite of a minister telling them what they want. Yeah, let's move on, but not until the Cummings disgrace has been dealt with, you cunt, is what I think you'll find is what the vast majority of the public want. This attitude can only have had the effect of putting people's backs up more than they already were.

I wonder how long Bozza thinks he can stonewall this one out ?
By satnav
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With a large majority and no elections on the horizons he could stonewall for some time but he won't be doing himself any favours. By Monday Boris has committed to having 200,000 people a day be tested and a word beating track and trace system in place. The testing is clearly not going to happen and the track and trace system looks like it is akin to the old manual telephone exchanges of the 1940s where you ring up a tracer to get them to ring up everybody you have been in close contact with. Presumably Hancock will be sent out to deal with that shit storm but Boris will then have to deal with it on Wednesday at PMQS.
By The Red Arrow
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Hands up who's shocked...

Coronavirus: Poorer areas miss out as £100m of emergency cash diverted to richer Tory councils with lower infection rates

Exclusive: Anger as ministers strip out deprivation weighting from grants to ‘fight the pandemic’ – despite higher infection rates in poorer neighbourhoods

Rob Merrick
Deputy Political Editor @Rob_Merrick
1 day ago

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/p ... 28371.html
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