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By satnav
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Having not had a drink of whiskey for nearly two months I finally cracked tonight when I discovered I'd got an abscess on one of my teeth. I think it could be a long weekend. It will be a toss up between whiskey and pain killers and I think whiskey might just win.
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By MisterMuncher
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15 hours part time a week as of next weekend. Isolated on one room, pretty much just baking bread and buns, whilst drinking all the coffee.

Boss doing me a deal on a few close-date cases of Galway Bay, too.

Boiler's help invaluable with the noisebox. It's nominally finished, subject to me leaving it alone and not redoing a few bits again. Couple of weeks work should net me enough spare cash for a set of valves and some manner of speaker cab
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By MisterMuncher
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Boiler wrote:
Sat May 30, 2020 7:15 am
Celestion G12 in the speaker cabinet, perchance? The loudspeaker with an 85 year old history...
Perhaps. They're usually pretty plentiful on the second-hand market. Traditionally, I would be using 4 10" Jensen P10R bit those are expensive, and pretty impractical.

If money was no object, Electro-Voice EV12M, closed back cab.
By The Red Arrow
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'Morning, Mr A, 'morning groovers.

Sun's out, birds a-singing, have made an early start slapping filler on the Seafire - oddly theraputic. Niece did a food run for us yesterday, so well-stocked for the next few days. Relief that she's quit her job in a care home tempered by the news that she's taken a nursing job at Dorset County Hospital. Have neglected my guitaring duties, must make time before the calluses heal over.

Stay sane, stay safe, my lovelies.
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By Oblomov
Afternoon all,

Beautiful day. Tempted to go for a stroll around the park but seeing social distancing not observed will probably sadden me so I’m in the usual routine of roasting myself in the back garden with a beer in hand and nostalgic radio highlights on the wireless.
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By Kreuzberger
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Made it! We have arrived in Upper Bavaria, right by the Austrian border, and are settling in nicely.

It was the easiest of hikes down to Munich and then the schlepp eastwards was beset with motorway delays, chiefly involving pour souls who were having a much worse day than being beset with motorway delays.

The apartment is fine. A 1970s build with 90s decor but is is spotless and well equipped. The hostess is a proper Standard-Issue-Mädel and charming. Think of an estate in Stevenage with Salzburg and the rising alps as a backdrop and immaculate dentistry, and you'll not be too far wide of the mark.

We have just come back from dinner. Three wings of the family, spread across three tables. The MiL, this being her first(ish) venture over the step in three months, looks fantastic.

It turns out that she managed to blag a hairdresser's appointment through the historic backchannels she has had with her friendship group since childhood. She's 82. She doesn't tend to need these skills so much these days, although, quite clearly, those instinct are still as sharp as a tack.

To be honest, it was a dumb stunt and I disapprove, but who am I to raise an eyebrow with someone who knew, in her formative years, the true meaning of lockdown? The rest is not too easy to piece together, is it?

Keywords: Ainring / Mitterfelden / Ober Salzburg
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By The Red Arrow
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Good morning, my lovelies.

Another day waiting to see what new catastrophe this failed state inflicts upon the populace. Another day closer to my UC megabucks payout. Getting used to riding this fecker out and looking forward to the day those responsible are prosecuted. By ballot box, high court or insurrection. I'm past caring.

On the spool up the Ronnie Hazelhurst soundtrack front, a misunderstanding regarding my apparent unwillingless to join a farcebook video chat because I just don't care anymore and I'm lying 'cos they've all seen the camera I haven't got on photo's I've sent out has led to me learning a new phrase to assuage a tearful Turk. I'll share it with you - well, you never know when it'll come in handy...

Ama bebeğim - bu bir kamera değil, uçuş simim için bir kafa takip cihazı

That's right, chums - But baby - it's not a camera, it's a head tracking device for my flight sim - totally believable, eh? I could hear the sigh of relief from here. :roll:

Still, sun's a-rising, birds a-singing, swallows a-swooping, Seafire's a-waiting, guitars a-shining, tea's a-brewing. What more could a chap wish for?

Stay sane, stay safe, groovers.
By Oblomov
Morning Arrer,

I'm steeped in torpor this morning. Trying to make it through to lunch where some delectable shredded beef awaits.
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By Boiler
Morning All,

well, it's another day here and I'm having flashbacks to a time in Athens when I prayed for rain to break the monotony of continuous sunshine.

I might finish off the furniture skates today, and as it's the first of the month I'll start off the monthly backup of the NAS shortly.

It's all excitement here.
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By satnav
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Finally got through to the dentists this morning, the receptionist went through a long list of questions and then asked me if I could send a picture of my abscess and email it to them. She then read out the world's longest ever email address. I got my wife to take a picture of my mouth and then spent the next half hour trying to send the email. Eventually I gave in and sent the picture to the reception email address. Now waiting for the dentist to call. May need to stock up on Whiskey.
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