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By Oblomov
spoonman wrote:
Sat May 30, 2020 11:31 am
Sarah Vine's next column might actually be worth a look... :peach: :hand: :eyeglasses:
An insight into the difficulties of sharing a king size plus bed with 400 thread count John Lewis sheets to yourself as you’ve forced hubby onto the sofa to repent for a minor moral lapse of judgement.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Get a load of this!
Best crucifixion since thaat one.

Michael Gove talks of the need for new leadership. He could not lead a rat out of a sewer with a slice of cake

https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/mi ... 1593518455
Like Hobbes and the rest, Gove writes not to persuade but to excuse, with the key difference being that he is both the excuser and excusee.

This real-time Gove-on-Gove analysis makes modern life thrillingly dystopian. It is like we are all watching a Sex and the City episode in which Gove provides an off-screen voiceover on how things came to be as ruined as they are, while never quite addressing the pictures on screen in which he can be clearly seen burning everything to the ground.

Gove begins his latest treatise on self-apologia with the words taken from the prison diaries of the Italian communist theorist Antonio Gramsci. And why wouldn’t he? Only a pedant would point out that Gramsci, who spent 11 years being starved to death in prison because the Italian people had been taken in by a two-bit populist, wrote about the ruinous times in which he lived from the position of having been ruined by them himself. If Gramsci had not been a political prisoner suffering daily brutality and torture, but an actual member of the government meting it out, one imagines his analysis might have been a touch different.

All the usual stuff is there, of course. Of how Brexit was about the liberal elites having lost touch with normal people, and how it was “those who had been forgotten asking to be remembered”.
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