Political talk from outside of the UK
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By The Red Arrow
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My American friend has it all worked out. Wotsit Hitler has realised that it has oil and America is now destabilizing the government as a precursor to invading itself.
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By mr angry manchester
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What the Republicans (and Tories, the narrative is the same) relied on was Conservatism, is people, usually old, white and rich, who want their version of the country kept the same. You know, deer hunting in Kentucky, walks on the prom at Margate or Lytham, a nice house, money in the bank and, if you're not in my club, bollocks to you.

However, the middle class has become a bit diversified, by things like environmental concerns and opposing racism and the core vote has fragmented. What both Trump and Bojo did was to double back and create a populist blue collar army by attracting people whose bad fortune is entirety down to the very parties they are now supporting, hence Tory gains in Leigh, Stoke etc, and Republican ones in Spotweld Ohio and so on. They have done this by sowing division and hate, arguably the Democrats and Labour were partly at fault for ignoring their base.

Both oarties , especially, the Republicans in the US, are now dangers to their countries
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By mr angry manchester
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When you think about it, the early settlers were from Britain, they were bible bashing religious zealots who we fucked off in the 17th century, they were then joined by all sorts of chancers who pushed westwards, pinching land off the native Indians who'd been there since the year dot, then moved on to shooting them, along with the buffalo.

The Blacks were brought over as slaves and were discriminated against for years after, successive waves of immigrants came in to do the shit jobs and any kind of long term planning about evolving into a proper civil society from a frontier one is frowned upon.

Not a promising basis for a country IMO.
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By Andy McDandy
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He's obviously not paid for full GFE*.

*Full Girlfriend Experience - a term from the vice industry, meaning that the escort acts as an actual partner rather than a meat sack.
By Abernathy
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Boiler wrote:
Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:58 am
The only time I've ever seen her smile was when she was with Obama...
She was practically frothing at the gash when she was near Trudeau.
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By The Red Arrow
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Rumours rife of armed 'private security contractors' of the type seen in Afganistan and Iraq patrolling Washington D.CC. America really has invaded itself.

By Oblomov
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