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By Timbo
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Cyclist wrote:
Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:18 pm
How long before Hungary changes their national anthem to the Badenweiler march?

Note to people who didn't know this:

That march was Hitler's personal favourite and was played at any and every event where he turned up in person. Apparently, he never got tired hearing it
Definitely one for the list:
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By youngian
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What the fuck is wrong with the Hungarians? I can see this country sleepwalking into authoritarianism but Hungary with unstable history of being trampled on by Stalin and Hitler. Its was fairly liberal even in the Warsaw Pact era moving fairly seamlessly to a Western parliamentary system. The urban young hate Orban so its people with longer memories who you’d think would know better. And he’s the leader of the mainstream centre right party. Jobbik can take up to 20 percent of the vote and they are serious old school fascists; Paramilitary uniforms, parades, swastika pastiches. And this is a country without ethnic minorities (maybe Roma?). Its even more depressing than Brexit.
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By Zuriblue
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Interesting piece from Buzz Feed (via Das Magazin of the Tages Anzeiger but I felt you'd prefer it in English not German) about how the plot against Soros helped Orbán and Trump

https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/hn ... -netanyahu

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