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By The Red Arrow
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What ho, chums!

Bright, but not too warm here - just like me. O.M.A still laid low, confined to bed. Putting a cheerful face on it, but she's taking it hard, having overcome this sort of crap before. Paramedic came around yesterday, and having consulted with doctor, called back saying progress made, but it's going to be a few weeks until we can put the walking frame back into storage. Nieces have rallied round, giving me a few hours off a day. Trying to kid ourselves we're 'social bubbling'.

Dreading the weekend in Hometown-on-Sea - influx of drunken fuckwits expected. Emergency services and bus/taxi drivers have been warned to expect New Year's Eve levels of drunken arsehattery, some roads will be closed to traffic to accommodate the pricks.

Apart from that, I'm having a whale of a time. :lol:

Stay sane, stay safe, groovers.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Afternoon everybody!

Hope you're all in good health and looking after yourselves. I haven't read through any of the threads in months so I have no idea what I've missed so I pray we haven't had any Mailwatch casualties. I'll start to have a read through this thread to catch up on how you've all been getting on.

A quite peaceful and serene lockdown for me. I do hesitate in saying that whenever somebody asks how things are because I appreciate that for many people this must have been a horrific time. Personally, though, it's just been a case of resetting, avoiding the Mail, enjoying the weather, BBQ's, taking long walks and of course bonding with the increasingly exuberant dog, Bobby!

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By Kreuzberger
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spoonman wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:57 pm
In Spoonyland it's presently 13c with light cloud cover, with a forecast maximum today of 16c. What's this heatwave I keep hearing about?
What were you expecting on the isle which is emerald for good reason?
By KevS
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Had it confirmed it not so many words that it's very unlikely I'll be going back to the office this year. Some will start in September, but they've said that as long as social distancing is a thing, they're going to stick to the two metre rule, irrespective of what the pork haystack says. Therefore, there's not enough room for all of us.
By Timbo
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Evening all. I'm horribly stressed out at the moment. My masters dissertation is due next month and I have 7,500 words left to do. On top of that, I've kicked off moving house and now my buyer is being flakey, right after I found somewhere fantastic that I really want to move to. It's going to be a rough few weeks ahead but if it all comes off then at least I can look forward to a nice September!
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