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By spoonman
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:36 pm
spoonman wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:57 pm
In Spoonyland it's presently 13c with light cloud cover, with a forecast maximum today of 16c. What's this heatwave I keep hearing about?
What were you expecting on the isle which is emerald for good reason?
It doesn't explain why Muncher's Cherry tree is blossoming in a different area of the island!

TBH I'm not complaining too much, daytime temperatures of high teens or low twenties are fine by me. A dry spell earlier today allowed me to get my first outdoor DIY done this year in putting up the rest of the gutters on the big garden shed and it felt quite pleasant at 16-17c. Above about 22 or 23 I begin to melt.

This time two years ago, when there was a broad heatwave on, I was passing through Manchester airport when I was being frisked by a security guard whom asked me why I was sweating a lot - my reply of "Sir, I'm an overweight Irish lad with very pale skin, lack fitness, and it must be near 30 degrees outside!" was probably not the smartest of answers, but it was the truth. Into the body scanner you go Spoony, as well as getting your hand luggage searched! Thanks for the water, though - I know you're only doing your job.
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By Oblomov
Morning all,

Nothing further from those strange symptoms of a couple of nights ago though I could do with sorting out my diet and sleep hygiene.

Final day of work for me and then next week is booked off for a much needed rest, preferably away from all the silly buggers that will be stuffing themselves into all our local boozers.

EDIT: nights, not weeks. Anything that I've been carrying for weeks probably merits communication with my GP even in these unprecedented times.
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By Boiler
Diet and sleep hygiene are something I need to pay more attention to as well. I've worked out a ballet of old cars that will allow me to get a new fridge-freezer in to the kitchen (although it'd be easier if I just (reluctantly) scrapped the Ford shed) and the old one out. But again, that involves having people near me to help.

That aside, morning Obs, morning all. There's a bit of car ballet this morning after I've had my weekly wash to extract Clarabelle the trailer in order to collect the items I'm meeting my friends for. Do you think wearing a mask is taking things too far?
By Oblomov
Just off an intra-company broadcast, first round of redundancies next Monday and up to 300 roles are up for the chop.

By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Obs, morning everybody.

Shit, Obs, that's rotten news. I really hope you are OK, but I'm sorry for the poor sods who will go to the wall for no fault of their own.

I had a funny day yesterday - we went out for a drive round the Surrey stockbroker belt. We didn't stop or get out of the car. There was no sign anywhere of masking or social distancing. London B of Sutt had 4 Covid cases last week, I wonder what it will be in the next fortnight?

In the afternoon #1 and partner brought Fizz round for a quick visit, and I got some excellent portraits of her, which I don't feel comfortable sharing, but I like a lot. She really is rather pretty, and mad as a box of frogs. She always puts the bird feed out, including the 'wiggly worms' for the robins, and was thrilled when they obliged by popping in to eat some. She also spent a lot of time practicing her football skills, though I use the term loosely...

I also realised that what I have been calling a young crow is, in fact, a jackdaw. Light patch on the nape and back of the head. That's a new one round here.

But I did have a bad patch - started with some reflux, then joint pain and feeling very fatigued. Not helped by turning my ankle on the abysmally maintained pavement outside the house. So I fell asleep straight after dinner and woke up at 3am. Ho hum. But then I expect you are all up already, getting yourselves glammed up for a trip to the pub at 6.

So have a good day all, stay safe. I hope the nasties don't bite.
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By The Red Arrow
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'Morning, Mr A - what ho, groovers!

Grey, cold and drizzly here - just like me. O.M.A had a good day yesterday, made it downstairs for most of the afternoon/evening. Might be paying for it today though, yet to make her mind up about breakfast - never mind making it out of bed today. For my part, I'm just trying to make some time for myself between summonses upstairs. Haven't put the tv on yet - don't think I could handle watching fuckwits in pubs or shite cheap cookery shows.

Stay sane, stay safe my lovelies.
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By Boiler
Greetings Arrer, greetings all. Upper back stiff and horrible today; I don't know if that was a result of getting rather cold last night or a return of the dreaded "driving pains" - I haven't driven a long distance for nearly four months now. I might pop out in the car to the store and attend to my new acquisition as it has gained a mark on the front from my badly-repaired trailer tarpaulin. It also gives me a chance to sneakily observe which pubs have opened, if any.
By Oblomov
Afternoon all,

Surprisingly no queues outside the pub when we had a wee shopping sojourn this morning, though all of the barbers were in high demand. That said, few masks and even less regard for social distancing which spoiled our coconut latte and cinnamon danish breakfast. The stress has made Oblomova feel unwell so she has retired to bed for now in the hopes of a swift recovery for a socially distant garden gathering later. We might put that off if we hear the cacophony of boozed-up revellers taking a few too many liberties roaming the streets.

Thankfully I've booked a few days off work next week so I'm just trying to sort some personal admin bits out and then keep myself busy for the afternoon. A tad unsure of what to do and I really should find an active, non-screen hobby.
By davidjay
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Put the new lawnmower together, went out to pick what was left of the gooseberries to find that beasts unknown have had every last bloody one. During my evening constitutional I saw one pissed idiot pissing up the wall round the corner, a minor road rage, open takeaways a-plenty and the Brexit Arms no busier than a usual Saturday, although they had been open for sixteen hours.
By Oblomov
The Red Arrow wrote:
Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:40 am
Guitars are popular around here, Obie. :wink:

'Morning all.
I have been tempted to pick up my old bass geetar from my parents’ loft as I’m sure I can do that in a socially distanced way.

I’ll think about it another time though, today I’m packing for a sojourn (in Durham funnily enough) :shock:
By Kreuzberger
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Not too active on here at the moment owing to a push-bike crash on Friday evening. Briefly, for reasons that are about to come clear, I tried unsuccessfully to save my beer on the way down. Plenty of glass in and through my right hand.

Much blood, many bandages, and limitless kindness of passing strangers. (That's Kreuzberg solidarity for you.)

Got strip-stitches on at the moment and plasters over the holes in the hope that they will be enough.

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