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By youngian
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Shirley Williams was the last female MP I can think who got away with cultivated scruffiness like Clarke, Corbyn and Johnson. In an interview she said her blue stocking clever clogs image worked for her and saved a lot of time and hassle having makeovers.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Tom Baker tells a good story about being collared by a couple one day.

"Just to say, we always liked you!"
"Thanks very much!"
"But there's one thing we didn't like. Grammar schools"
"The what?"
"We didn't like what you did with the grammar schools".

They'd thought he was Shirley Williams.
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By Kreuzberger
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Dodds really is banging in corners for the opposition strikers. A handful of conditioner wouldn't go a miss and it has the added bonus of needing to be combed through.

In a new era where purity and dogma are relegated to the bench, this ought not be a problem.
By youngian
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I had nearly had an encounter with Shirley Williams canvassing at a day festival for the Cambridge seat for the SDP. It was the person she was with that I really wanted to talk to; Richard Attenborough but was too opened mouthed to say anything due to being shit faced not star struck. My friend fared little better later when he spotted TV presenter Chris Kelly and said; ‘Clive James I’m a big fan.’ Don’t do drugs kids.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I met Shirley Williams as a Young Socialist. She was rude and dismissive, completely up herself.
Later, worfking at Education, I talked to people she had worked with there, and they said much the same. A Secretary of State who popped out and did her shopping during the working day...
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