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By Boiler
I'd have thought the biggest driver on social distancing was "I don't want to catch this lest it kill me".

Turning to masks themselves, I note the WHO guidelines now suggest the medically vulnerable should wear medical-grade masks rather than face coverings where social distancing cannot be adhered to. Which is all well and good if you can find someone who sells a minimum of FFP2 grade (FFP2 is roughly the N95 grade) masks at affordable prices.
By Kreuzberger
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Prevention. It is about hindering the spread of the virus. In of itself, that doesn't mean "less virussy", it means fewer individuals becoming infected until such time that effective treatments of vaccines can be developed.

If I wear a mask and I am in early-stage infection, that mask will prevent a lesser load escaping me. The lighter the load, the smaller the chance of the little blighters burrowing their way in to anyone else's lungs.

Ideally, everyone would have access to N95-Grade masks which are close to being able to guarantee both protection and prevention.

(Now, if everyone could excuse an moment me while I steel myself before misquoting the classics, Voltaire, and Michael fucking Gove.) (Thank you.)

We must not make the good the enemy of the best.
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By Boiler
Well, it would seem that from the 24th of this month they will be compulsory in shops in England.

Worst-rated comment:

Screenshot_2020-07-13 Face coverings to be compulsory in England's shops.png
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Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said the Government’s move to require the wearing of face masks in shops in England will be “impossible for enforcement”.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Shopkeepers need to step up to the plate and take some responsibility. They can quite easily put signs up on their doors ‘No mask on, no entry, this is private property’.

“That’s the first point we need to get across because this cannot all be laid on the shoulders of the police yet again.

“The second point is it will be nigh-on impossible for enforcement because you won’t have a police officer on every shop door because there isn’t enough of us.

“If a shopkeeper calls the police because someone hasn’t got a mask on, they haven’t got the power to detain them so that person can just walk away.

“We’ll be driving around and around London looking for people who aren’t wearing masks, it’s absolutely absurd.”
JD Sports chief executive Peter Cowgill: "The guidance so far is that our store colleagues are not really to get involved and it’s a police matter to enforce rather than for them to get involved in any potential public disturbances.” ... -ntp-feeds
By youngian
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Tue Jul 14, 2020 8:40 am
Thy're in a quandry. On the one hand, they love liberty. On the other, they love everyone (else) making a sacrifice
and pulling together in a national emergency.

They've cracked this moral quandary thats puzzled political philosophers for centuries
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