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Call me intolerant, but the current commercial for, I think, Virgin Media, featuring a split screen of multiple "adorable" kids all singing "Nuthin's gonna stop us now" - in a spirit of inspirational-community-defiance-in-these-unprecedented-times-doncha-know makes me want to torch the fucking homes that these satanic warblers are Zooming from.
I've noticed banks and building societies never use actors in adverts. It's cartoons, poets, horses running, or employees (at home recently) making out how great their employer is with the services they provide while being blissfully unaware that when it comes to cost cutting they will be made redundant in a heartbeat by their oh so caring bank employer who in reality couldn't give a toss if they live or die.
United Utilities in the North West currently have an ad campaign due to a water shortage. They use a child, as they have done in the past, a snidey trick to guilt trip consumers into using less water. For environmental reasons it's no bad thing if people use less water, but that's not the reason for the campaign. In the 12 months to the end of May there was 26% more rain in the region than an average year. 19% more in the 6 months to the end of May. Yes, there was only half the usual amount of rainfall in the last 3 months but there shouldn't be a shortage. Perhaps there should be a counter-advert using a child pointing out children and babies might suffer as a result of United Utilities not doing their job properly by maintaining the water supply infrastructure. Just ask people to use less water as there hasn't been much rain recently. Don't use children to deflect from your own failure and incompetence.
I failed to reach the mute button in time and now have a ghastly Samsung advertising jingle about one of their smartphones branded into my brain
That Amazon one where they lie about it being as great place to work. Reliable sources have likened it variously to a Gulag and a Victorian workhouse.
At some point, TV shite will be picked up by the Andromeda galaxy and a vastly superior and intelligent alien race which were considering sharing their resources and technology with us, which would transform our society and way of life.

They will see said TV shite and say "not interested, this human race is a bunch of pricks"
Mrs A says that she is going to get me a sound-proof face-covering (aka a gag) if I keep responding to shameless government propaganda in the form of TV and radio ads urging us to "get ready for Britain's New Start" outside the EU by literally screaming at the TV or radio "FUCK OFF !!!!! Just FUCK OFF you CUNTS!"

I often need to have a lie down after this occurs.
H.M Government (again). "Check, change, go"

Go where, you pricks? Jesus H. Christ! Anyone else getting a North Korean vibe from that one? Here's a three worder for you - "Fuck. Right. Off."
This young woman's voice is everywhere at the moment - TV ads, radio ads, all over the shop.

And it's driving me potty. Something about her voice just sets my teeth on edge. There's a sort of catch in it that feels like fingernails on the blackboard.

I think it's because advertisers think she sounds sort of youthful and "edgy", but I just hate it.
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