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By The Red Arrow
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Samanfur wrote:What odds am I given on it having more redactions than readable text?

After the last twenty-four hours, I'm really not sure.
Warning shot across the bow? Or a full on blow them out of the water engagement?
By The Red Arrow
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:40 am
I imagine Johnson will be praying for nothing such as floods, wildfires, terrorist incident etc to disrupt his summer hols.

And it was all meant to be so different...
Yes, wondering which donor's Caribbean villa he's earmarked to piss all over travel restrictions in this time.
By The Red Arrow
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MPs are now voting on a Labour amendment that would explicitly exclude the NHS from future trade deals. Despite all their warm words on the NHS the Government whipped Tory MPs to oppose it and it is defeated 251 to 340. NHS remains on the table for a deal with Trump
By Oblomov
Are we talking about the findings of the Russia Report in here or will there be a separate thread for it?
It’s both. Divided focus is divided effort - twin dead cats, both awful and each a distraction from the other so neither can be tackled with full force.

The NHS is done, food standards and farming are done, there will be a 2nd wave that kills thousands because they won’t do anything (and I am expecting mass vaccination to be handed to 3rd party suppliers, with this ‘success’ being used to accelerate the sell-off), there will be gerrymandering of boundaries and constituencies to shore up the Tory vote, Scotland will vote to leave, and everything will be blamed on people who did not support a pure enough, hard enough brexit.

I’m not even being pessimistic. I’m just fed up assuming there might be some let-up when there won’t be as this is locked in for generations. The sole bright spot might be a Biden victory, but that will do nothing for us and until he’s actually sat behind the resolute desk, I won’t be convinced Trump won’t go full dictator and refuse to leave office.
By youngian
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there will be gerrymandering of boundaries and constituencies to shore up the Tory vote,

The Boundaries Commission isn’t a government puppet organisation and sometimes works in Labour’s favour. Blair was re-elected on 35 percent of the vote with a handsome majority. This time it probably won’t as Labour’s respectable popular vote will grow in safe urban Labour seats. Tory seats with depopulation won’t see enough of it to result in seat numbers being reduced.
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