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By Boiler
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They're right.

That's precisely the sort of mask you shouldn't wear. The non-return valve would, if the wearer coughed, not offer any resistance to expelled material so yes, it would come out with some force. Face masks for industrial use have a NRV to aid breathing: when you breathe in, you do so past the filter material; when you breathe out, air is expelled via the NRV.

N95/FFP2 masks for medical use should NOT have valves.

I was explicitly told by my GP practice not to wear masks with valves.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Whatever the science behind it is, I doubt that was what motivated the Mail to write a hit piece on him. I think "He's making our Gove look bad" was about as in depth as their research got.

I didn't know that about masks with valves, though, I must admit. I thought they were filters which could only be a good thing but looks like that may not be the case?
By Boiler
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I have a mask I wore for sanding down some woodwork and hoovering crap out lurking somewhere - it never made the bin.

I'll see if I can locate it and dissect it.

In the meantime, a good explainer here.
By Bones McCoy
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Boiler wrote:
Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:15 pm
Two problems there: one, the beard is an absolute no-no as it prevents an effective seal and two, there's an NRV on it.
They "went out of fashion" during WW1 when shown to impair the function of the troops gasmasks.
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